Unboxing my new video gear for my RV travel stories

Unboxing my new video gear for my RV travel stories

This video is for those who wonder about the gear and photo equipment I use for my RV travel stories. It seems that everybody does unboxing videos so I figured why not also do one as I just upgraded my video gear in a major way.
I’ll now be shooting most of our RV Lifestyle videos with the Canon D80. I chose it for a lot of reasons, as explained and demonstrated in the video. I also picked up some slick new sound gear and a dead cat. Yes, you read that correctly. You’ll have to see the video to understand the dead cat part. You’ll also see a blooper I made. I debated taking it out but I left it in.
Anyway, if this tech stuff interests you, I added all the new gear you see in the video to the master list of products, apps and services we keep at http://kit.com/rvlifestyle
If you want to look only at the video gear, it’s at the top of the camera and video list at https://kit.com/rvlifestyle/my-camera-and-video-production-gear

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Follow us and Live says:

Enjoy your new camera. After shooting training films for 15 years and owning multiple cameras, lights, and sound equipment, I went the exact opposite direction you are going. My next camera is a Samsung S8. I shoot and edit everything on my phone. This lets me shoot or edit or upload anywhere I am at any time. Even when on the John or laying in bed about to go to sleep.

Your decision to upgrade the audio is great. I still use my tascam for most audio and sync in post.

Great videos! Thanks for sharing!!

energymaven says:

Since you started it with discussing the wind, I thought you might want to know that Joby is pronounced with a long "o". Pronounced with a short "o" and it is a term used in the UK for going #2. I only know that because my daughter-in-law is from Scotland. And I would love to know how you like the microphone you got for your iPhone. I tried the Rode Videomic Me and didn't like it so looking for a replacement. Thanks.

Ron Poppe says:

Mike, You brought a smile to my face with this video. I added the Canon 80D Video Kit to my photography arsenal last month for my wife, I like to photograph wildlife and she loves to watch wildlife. You validated my acquisition. This last January after a trip Yellowstone, my wife said she was through with the point & shoot and small video cameras with the LCD screens that you can't see in bright sun. She told me it was my job to find her a light weight camera that worked with 'my lens' (I have to admit the last part 'my lens' has me a little worried). Based on your video I will be ordering her a 'dead cat' cover for her RODE Vidomic. We are off to Geographic Harbor, Alaska to photograph bears and I know it will be windy. The 80D's APS-C (1.6x) crop factor with Canon's 100-400 f/4.0-5.6L IS and a steady tripod will give her up to 640mm at less than half the weight of my rig. The EFS 18-135 lens and Power Zoom Adapter that came with the kit are a lot fun and make zooming a snap when recording a video. I enjoy your videos and look forward to your weekly pod cast they are always informative.

Carlos Cavazos says:

Cool Stuff!!! I'm also a Canon guy. Very nice unboxing.

k2wo1 says:

Mike, great video as always! Just noticed that you're a ham…….saw the TS-2000 behind you. Didn't know that!


Your RV Freedom! says:

Excellent choices. One other piece of gear you might want to consider is a Zoom H1 recorder. Under 100 dollars with a stereo pair of microphones. For double that money you could consider a Zoom H4 which doubles as an audio interface and would let you use other commercially available mics for post production voiceover. Both are used by professional news broadcasters for interviews.
You do great work. Tbanks!

Bill Lindner says:

I purchased the exact same equipment 3 months ago. The 80D will not disappoint. Exceptional focus ability and functionality. Lack of 4K wasn't a factor. Even though most of your vlogs are stationary, a Zhiyun Tech Crane gimbal will top off your setup. I recently took photos for my real estate agent for my house sale. She was amazed at the quality and used every photo taken. Your vlog entries are very informative and many notches above others. Thanks for all the hard work in creating quality RV content. Happy travels and see you on the road.

Mark G says:

Good job, as usual.

Viral Ghost World says:

it's really nice video.

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