Twin Peaks’ Stars Break Down The Revival’s Craziest Scenes | SDCC 2017 | Entertainment Weekly

Twin Peaks’ Stars Break Down The Revival’s Craziest Scenes | SDCC 2017 | Entertainment Weekly

For this year’s Comic-Con International, the cast of Twin Peaks made the trek from the Pacific Northwest to San Diego. Some of the revival’s quirkiest characters stopped by EW’s Comic-Con studio on Friday to talk all things Peaks — including Kyle MacLachlan (Agent Cooper), Naomi Watts (Janey-E Jones), Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs), Kimmy Robertson (Lucy Brennan), Everett McGill (Ed Hurley), James Marshall (James Hurley), Tim Roth (Hutch), Don Murray (Bushnell Mullins), and Matthew Lillard (William Hastings).
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Twin Peaks’ Stars Break Down The Revival’s Craziest Scenes | SDCC 2017 | Entertainment Weekly



landon kandon says:

Dude crushed this interview. Impressive

Christian Christiansen says:

Kudos to the interviewer! Great segue to each individual and connecting all sorts of stuff to make this into a pleasant interview!

drlee2 says:

MacLachlan should get Emmy nominated for Season 3. I hope the voters don't forget about him, given the nominations for 2018 are almost a year away. But Season 3 has been awesome for the most part. Not only are the old characters great, even the new characters are nailing it.

jamesaellis says:

I'll eat you.

ch h says:

really cool to see everett mcgill again =D

Dale Coop says:

Yeah, great interview!

Leibo07 says:

Watts looks just like "Norma"

Winnipeg Tinkleshine says:

I'm trying to come to terms with the fact I highly doubt I'll ever have any visual confirmation of what the hell happened to FBI agent Chester Desmond

Corine Barella says:

There is only one lead and it's Kyle MacLachlan and the real Dale Cooper we need to get back and meanwhile an abundance of story lines that will come crashing together and make sense in the Lynchian way. He, unlike no others, can disgust us and scare us (the origin episode) as well as make us laugh. It's hard to go back to linear storytelling when you've been so amazed for so many weeks…

Phoebe Louise says:

Feel bad for the actors having to stand up in the back

rampface85 says:

Really great interview as a fan of Twin Peaks. Cool that each actor got their moment

Guilherme Garcia says:

Histerically sobbing

nonotreallyok says:

Interviewer watches TP, has a dimple, and sports a beard. He is cute. Like came back to this video days later just to say that.

Duncan Rossi says:

tim roth is just sitting there and going "aw shit i havent got a clue about twin peaks, i better smiles"

Sage Antone says:

So that's the owner of that insane twin peaks podcast voice.

GrayWoIf says:

I'm just sad we haven't got to see the happy go lucky agent cooper and instead have had zombie coop #MakeCoopGreatAgain

chrissiejpayne says:

I want to marry this interviewer

plasmaarmelund says:

I want to give James a hair transplant

Mailer Demon says:

Holy shit. I NEVER KNEW Naomi Watts was English before this.

Sonata Systems, Inc. says:

Sound is hard.

lavendar flow says:

Kyle is an amazing actor,all his characters are believably real.

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