TWBA: Are Ella and Julian together?

TWBA: Are Ella and Julian together?

Julian Trono explains why he and Ella Cruz are not officially dating yet.

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Curry Love says:

What's wrong with his nose?

Maeraena Pandez says:

Kinikilig aku

lollmylifex3 says:

but we all know francis is endgame


Paissue naman tong mga to. Hahaha may nalalaman pang wala pang label wala pang label

Asian Global Music says:

It seems like Julian is too much younger than Ella. Sad that ABS-CBN did not give Ella a break after Aryana. She is a good actress. And this year, it seems like Viva Films is hitting box office records again after Kita Kita, Finally Found Someone and 100 Tula

Tricia Mae Katindig says:


Chloe Veranga says:

JulianElla 😍 Kenekeleg eke! 😂💕

Hazel Mariz Salva says:

who's here in 567 views and 64 likes

Cassie Ross says:

Baket ganun outfit nung guy?. I mean his shirt or jacket? Ang cheap tignan. Fire the stylist! Lol

Jay Madayag says:

I don't know pero bakit pag nakikita ko si ella, it pisses me off. Hahaha.

Ainie Mangotara says:

OMG kilig love you Julian and Ella first comment

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