Tuscany Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Tuscany Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia


Tuscany is a legendary region in central Italy that stretches from the Apennine Mountains to the west coast, meandering through endless vineyards, medieval towns and the impossibly beautiful cities of Florence, Siena and Pisa.

In today’s modern world, defined by alarm clocks, deadlines and traffic jams, Tuscany lures travelers with the promise of a warmer, gentler way of living.

Here, high art mingles deliciously with warm sunshine and fragrant wine. History seeps through the cobblestones and small occasions are transformed into the greatest of pleasures.

Around six hundred years ago, Tuscany changed the world forever when economic, cultural and political forces collided, sparking the Renaissance. It was a new way of thought in which art and education were highly prized and the search for happiness, a noble goal.

Although the world has changed much since then, Tuscany’s values hold firm and visitors to this region can happily spend days and weeks slowly rediscovering them.



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I watch this video, and I think, why the hell are there so many Italians that immigrated to the U.S. during the beginning of the 20th century? I would seriously rather die than leave a place as beautiful as Tuscany.

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Sienna is a beautiful city to visit. My first cousin went to college there and her apartment was nuns convent. The front door was about 5'-4"

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We were able to spend a month in Firenze and it was lovely. So much to see and do. We'll try to get back before our year is up.

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