Turner Sports’ Reggie Miller Discusses Kevin Durant’s Title, Warriors Future, & More | 6/13/17

Turner Sports’ Reggie Miller Discusses Kevin Durant’s Title, Warriors Future, & More | 6/13/17

Reggie Miller calls into the Dan Patrick Show to break down the Warriors win over the Cavs in the NBA Finals, why Golden State’s dominance is bad for the league, what the Cavs do next, and much more!



Curtis Huggins says:

what killed the Cavs was to much respect.

gullintanni says:

Markelle Fultz is a LeBron injury away from the Finals. Not saying he could be MVP but he could play in the finals as a rookie.

lowtempo711 says:

cavs have the players but not the mind set…. they tried publicly clowning and disrepecting the celtics….they go to concerts during the playoffs….they are not ready to win it all.

ryanexsus says:

Why do people hate when a team is good?

Leigh Arlington says:

People keep saying or implying that Lebron's going to be superhuman for three to five years. More like one or at most two years. An athlete after 30 years old can fall off an athletic cliff. And Lebron's been in the driver's seat since junior high. Is it even in his make up to let someone else steer when he drops off?

josh p says:

When the bulls dominate the 90's was it boring too? , how about the east is it boring when we know it's going to be Lebron ? Hypocrites

cfierst says:

No one will ever respect this SUPER TEAM. Reggie said it, He wouldn't do it, and he played ten+ with no rings. STEPH, DURRANT, KLAY, no respect from here on out. Cross them off any all-time great list. Sports is ultimate truth.

LoneWolfVIDEOBBALL says:

Klay was freaking huge on defense, just go watch his legwork. I could not believe what I saw, how he first was chasing Kyrie and then swithing on LeBron and stopping him. Just wow! Mad respect! Kids should watch him and learn how to play on-ball D.

Jeremy Tucker says:

Celtics were a super team back in the 60s when Wilt was stifled. He was the lone warrior and couldn't conquer Bill Russel's team of HOF players. Same is happening here. I'm sure Lebron is happy that he got his before all this happened.

KMS 0066 says:

The other NBA Teams need to rough up GS just 2 make it interesting.. Like Detroit/Knicks did 2 the Bulls. Win or Lose!

beanie0112 says:

Reggie completely nails it here. lebron was already talking like he believed the Warriors were a better team before the series started. At that point, he was already accepting in his head that they were going to lose. So, what does lebron do? he played for stats this entire series to help soften the inevitable blow to his legacy when they did lose the series. How else do you explain his explosive first halves in games 1 & 2 then his disappearing acts in the second halves of those same games? How else do you explain him inexplicably failing to close at home in game 3 with a 6 point lead at 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter? How else do you explain him being passive during the Warriors' run in game 5 to take the lead for good?
lebron is a great player, but he's also a front runner. his m.o. when he's the clear finals underdog is to pad his stats in garbage time while his team is getting blown off the floor. I've seen this time and time again with him.

Anjohn Davis says:

I'm not sure Klay or Draymond get into the hall of fame

L.Pasteur says:

Appreciate the intensity and honesty in Reggie's voice. He wasn't blowing smoke up anyone's a** in this interview. Hakeem might never had a ring if it wasn't for Jordan's sabbatical in baseball.

Nana Gyambibi says:

Can the media kill this Klay Thompson unhappy headline….this guy will be paid the same to do less and every single year he will complete for a championship….if he is smart like I think he is he isn't going anywhere.

theKONGBLOG says:

Kyrie Irving, Paul George, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony & Tristan Thompson are maybe/possibly the only 'new/next' Super Team that has a slim chance to dethrone GSW

Tony Roca says:

I keep hearing lots about Klay Thompson being the odd man out or wanting to be his on his own, but in every interview I see with him, he seems to be pretty content in GS.

MrEazy7468 says:

I think LeBron has about 3 more really good years left before his decline begins

David Powell says:

A little old school for my taste, but nicely spoken Reggie.

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