TSN – Top 10 ‘Video Game Moves’ In Sports

TSN – Top 10 ‘Video Game Moves’ In Sports

After Braxton Miller pulled a ridiculous spin move straight out of Madden, SportsCentre goes button smashing with the Top 10 ‘video game moves’.

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Time Machine says:

1:45 he was even juking out the camera man!!! Every time he faked a shot, he would zoom out thinking he was gonna kick it XD

Nolan Beatrolyn says:

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, a, b, a, b.
oops, that was a hidoken. wrong sport…

Marcus Semprit says:

as a Saints fan, that Marshaun Lynch play still haunts me to this day…

Cole Johnson says:

#8 The dudes on 2k would just throw it out of bounds

Soundwave says:

#8 happens in 2k when i shoot on accident on the inbound

Eduardo Pacheco says:

They should of just showed zlatan's play 10 times. #daretozlatan

Duffy512pd says:

Shit I keep forgetting how amazing that Odell catch was

TheCakenukeism says:

Steph double dribbled hard in that play

Corey Singleton says:

#6 that nigga shitted o.d

drillzbillz 56 says:

Notice the camera man whos filming zlatan ibrahimovic also gets fooled and turns the camera towards the net or zooms out to get the shot

ArrKayCee says:

lol on #5 even the camera man was juked.

To Can says:

How is mike Vick with the fake slide into a spin move not on there

kobe bryant says:

#8 would go out of bounds in 2k

Adam A says:

WTF #10 is nasty. He did a flip over a guy who is standing completely straight, and he even did a little hop lol. that's crazy!


You know the jukes are good when they fake out the camera.

Jesse Vasquez says:

Everybody praises obj's catch but the Giants lost the game ?

balf1111117373 says:

People getting excited over number 5 Zlatan goal……good goal but he's no George Best. George Best did it from the half way line from kick-off

joeylawn36111 says:

Anyone else miss what happened in #4 because of those Clippers uniforms????

wowantonlavey says:

no4 is not that good. the famous wade to shaq was far better.

Not_a_Billy_Joel_Fan says:

#2 Not nearly as impressive as 10 through 3. Just stupid hot-dogging

Blank Jungle says:

What about Steve Smith Sr. breaking 5-6 tackles at once against the Texans?

Bennett 53 says:

2k would give you an automatic turnover for all those basketball ones except for #2

Domenic DePasquale says:

Where is Martavis Bryant from the Bengals a couple of year ago.

TheLegend27 says:

#1 needs to be changed. receivers can't catch a pass that's deeper then 5 yards and Madden

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