TSN – Top 10 Unusual Delays in Sports

TSN – Top 10 Unusual Delays in Sports

After Danny Valencia unexpectedly held up the Red Sox/Mariners game, TSN count down unusual delays in the SportsCentre Top 10.

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NhojGaming says:

Why would start beating up the parachute guy? That just makes the situation 100 times worse

Julio Cesar Arias says:


Nick Currie says:

Aren't condors super endangered?

Matthew Jay Evans says:

I'm surprised they didn't add things like 1) The earthquake during the 1989 World Series 2) The cat that jumped onto Wrigley Field in 2009 3) The catfish some dude threw onto the Penguins ice in the Stanley Cup Finals this past June 4) Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals when some fan caused a delay by displaying an offensive sign in the stands. Google all the things I listed if you're not sure what I am referring to here

StFidjnr says:

1:36 free shower night in San Antonio

Ancient Keyboard Warrior perv says:

0:58 my exact thoughts on soccer XD

Christian Teodecki says:

Zamboni had its period

Kanjilearner says:

Where was that Sonics game with the faulty horn?

pacefka says:

Watching paint dry and grass grow. And ironically that's about as entertaining as watching soccer.

jj703 says:

Where was the Rams game where they had to delay it cause the turf caught on fire?

Will dixon says:

Dude shit that Zamboni looked like the thing from deadpool

Chris McFarland says:

What about that blackout at the superbowl? I can't remember which one but I think the Steelers were in it

Magically Dandy says:

Can u make more promos?

Ben Schroeder says:

You didn't do an honorable mention

Owen Pullam says:

Who else thought the substance at 0:27 was blood?

Ameen Moqbel says:

#3 was hilarious 😂

Kyle Broflovski says:

Thought that Zamboni killed someone and that was blood lol

Clutch Spartan7 says:

Yooo I was at #3 !!

Bouncing Potato says:

My Fat Brat

Mewtwo says:

There are many parachute delays like in the Yankees and Mets

Jesus Christ says:

Why do eggs go to heaven?
Cuz their scrambled..

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