TSN – Top 10 Sports Slaps

TSN – Top 10 Sports Slaps

I apologize for the late and 3rd re-upload of this video since the first two times I uploaded this UEFA has blocked it twice.I had to replace the #6 and #9 play to what it is now, also Chris fucking Smoove.

After Utah Jazz guard Rodney Hood knocked a phone away from a fan, the best ‘slaps’ take rank in this edition of the SportsCenter Top 10.

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Mike T says:

that big dude getting smacked in the face was arrested for domestic abuse… not even kidding look it up his name is john henderson

Sean Gillis says:

2:38 I think that slap uncrossed his eyes.

Cmatt 25 says:

chris cyborg and her coach should be here

warren robete says:

#1 is spaktacular, por pabor

QWWUPP says:

nate and nick diaz stockton slap :/

Kris Evjen says:

How is the Stockton slap no where on this list

twistedrules1 says:

5 is still bullshit like come the fuck on. But number 4 dude I loved it I was laughing each time. I like how he took 2 slaps and after the first one he's like that all you got man do it it harder!!! 😂

No35561 says:

Before reading the description I was sure this was inspired by the slap Jason Parillo gave Cris Cyborg.

Jeff Allen says:

$-Rod is such a fucking busher.

Chocolate Moose says:

Semin lmfao

premierconstrictors says:

No Nate Diaz?

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