TSN – Top 10 Sports Disses

TSN – Top 10 Sports Disses

After Dwight Howard ‘dabbed on’ Jeremy Lin’s attempt to shake hands Tuesday night, TSN is counting down the most memorable disses in the SportsCentre top ten

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YoureAPillock says:

God dammit Emily.

Nunya Bizness says:

Emily is the best fuck the war criminal Bush

Jonas Hall says:

The girl at nr 5 is smarter than most adults, when she sees that scumbag George W Bush she turns the other way. "There is no way I am getting close to that piece of shit"…

Aaron Garcia says:

I can't believe TO standing on the star wasn't number 1 or even in the list…

Robert Caterina says:

dabbing is still a thing yes #420

tS SydeEffect says:

Get dabbed on u silly goose i want to cheese on memes ur memes Jeremy Linn

Jonathan Bernardo says:


Juventud Soñadora Puerto Rico! says:

Fuck Howard

Lmao says:

Fucking white people bro

Jono King says:

Like if you find the difference???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Jose Valadez says:

I didn't know Dwight Howard was on the hawks lol

Ramey Abood says:

Little girls parents told her how fucked up Bush is

The Winnie Snipers says:

I Thought It Said Tsn Top 10 dishes

magickalwizard2001 says:

How the hell does Shannon Sharpe's diss not make this list?

Crush says:

I fucking hate sean avery

MrHow2fail says:

I'm not sexist, but the women ruin this show.

ummm... says:

I'd have given the cunt at the end the finger

Daniel Mendez says:

That last one is messed up, fuck that Swiss Miss

LastManSleeping says:

I'll bet Kate Natasha bangs like a shithouse door.

Jack Fuller says:

Better lists, hotter women……Sportscentre>>>>Sportscenter

YAY for things popo says:

ok I get that Bush is a bitch but still have some class

d00bZubElEk says:

She probably knew she was going to become 15 minute famous from that snub.

micmac parker says:

I knew that Lions fans whine but the coach, too?

Oren Arsers says:

How in the world do you not have Isaiah Thomas and the Pistons walking off the floor without shaking the Bull's hands? #1 dis / disrespectful move in the history of sports

Ryan Behnken says:

bitches were annoying as fuck

Rodgerwilco91 says:

Only in golf can a guy who is standing there not saying a word be referred to as "gone psycho" lol

`1nfamous Soldier says:

Dwight Howard is a bitch lol

MrCanadaOntario says:

I have a feeling Natasha and Kate don't like each other lol

Joe Garza says:

havent heard from Emily since….

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