TSN – Top 10 Sport Insults

TSN – Top 10 Sport Insults

It can be disguised as competitive trash talk, but most of the time insults in the sports world are down right offensive. As disrespectful as they may be, it’s still pretty funny. Here are the Top 10 insults.

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Hawra Anjur says:

was that Donald trump on the last clip?

D I Z Z Y says:

Shaq a savage

Lyonpride52 says:

0:58 Was up

Andre Holder says:

Number 8 I don't know who u are other. It's the Canadian league no one does. It's not like ur in the NFL quit talkin trash cuz u trash

phillis1223 says:

What about when Patrick Roy said he couldn't hear the trash-talking about him because his 2 Stanley Cup rings were plugging his ears? That has to make this list.

yella says:

"ill fuck you till you love me faggot"

Seth Morse says:

"walrus? Eh, that's too easy"

The Turdinator says:

Sean Avery is a fucking piece of shit.

nate says:

The sedin sisters.. LOL

billykhoa billykhoa says:

Im surprise Mcgregor is not in here

Jasper Hodge says:

No Payton Manning calling out his drunken kicker?

New York Giants says:

Solomon Elimimian looks like Marshawn Lynch

Virginia Martens says:

I love the , have another donut 😂😂😂

Beast Bro says:

can I get 50 likes my horse died )=

Felix Moreau says:

You forgot "you suck" (you know by who amirite)

John Smith says:

Elimimian doing his best Sherman impression after a win against Calgary, sorry bro I think Calgary has the best of BC so far

Colin MacInnis says:

Dave Bolland. Sedin Sisters. bahaha

Aiden Rae says:

It's funny how the Canucks coach insulted Bolland when the Blackhawks won a Cup with him and the Canucks are the laughing stock of the NHL at the moment

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