TSN – Top 10 Memorable Kicks in Sports

TSN – Top 10 Memorable Kicks in Sports

Bringing the top 10’s back cause I’m gonna stick to the content that made channel to what it is today.

After a young Reds fan gave Marlins’ second baseman Dee Gordon a swift boot, TSN countdown the most memorable kicks in the latest edition of the SportsCentre Top 10.

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DariL says:

Would have thought baseball would not make this list?!? Ended up being #1😂

Patrick Kane says:

I was waiting for the hockey kick which someone kicked with his skate (obviously) getting suspeneded for a good 40 games at least

boogyyman says:

I was thinking more Paul O'Neill type kicks, but Izzy Alcantara definitely tops the list

Austen Campbell says:

I'm I the only one that thought this was gonna be a countdown on sneakers?

Rocky Nelson says:

This is sparta

Tophie Hughes says:

everyone overlooks the fact that antonio brown is a piece of shit

Magically Dandy says:

I love ur vids especially the player promos. You are the reason why I began youtube 3 weeks ago.

Clash N Mine says:

Would you consider yourself part of the hockey mafia?

Nivory says:

No Eric Cantona kicking a fan??? Pfft, Americans…

viviandarkbloom100 says:

Eric Cantona??????

Snagalishus Man says:

Wow, no hockey

atheosxgaming says:


SMACKDOWN Live says:


matt61387 says:

Glad you're back! I refuse to send any traffic Puck Daily's way, I'd rather go without the top 10s than support that asshole.

Brock Browning says:

Fuck draymon green he did it on purpose. If Adams did that to green he would have been suspended

Pony Power131 says:

I got a real kick out of this

Platinum says:

Ndamakung suh better be on here….

HyperTermite says:

where's holly holm at tho?

Ben Schroeder says:

How is the Draymond kick only number 8

Chad Errey says:

Antonio's kick was the best lol

Andrew C says:

Love Dee Gordon playing along with the kid, lol, what a good guy

Chomplegator says:

The kid a the beginning is a savage!

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