Travel Vlog | The Williams Fam | Canada, Nova Scotia

Travel Vlog | The Williams Fam | Canada, Nova Scotia

Check out our visit to Nova Scotia, Canada! 😀 We taught and performed for Kidzact



Alexis Beazley says:

Loved it guys

Chels Peytan says:

Y'alls laughs are the cutest 😂

Kyla Soliven says:

I love this vlog!!!!! This channel deserves more subscribers!!!

Karma_love Diamond says:

Woow you guys didn't try donairs smh next time man next time only good if their from Nova Scotia

Angie Dionisio says:

Dunno why but I found it interesting watching you guys, you make me smile. Definitely a fan here. PH. Love you guys!

Tiffany Gibson says:


Mack Hc says:

I've been watching their videos all day and coincidentally they went to the Tim Hortons in my neighbourhood oh my god😭

Caitlin Willemstein says:

I love you guys. Seriously.

Hailey Palys says:

I'm from Toronto Canada I can't believe they came to Canada

1586brittc says:

love this whole vlog idea! please continue!

Brandice Foster-Bernard says:

Keene is life 😍

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