Travel Vlog: Bride Vibes Weekend: Vancouver | HAUSOFCOLOR

Travel Vlog: Bride Vibes Weekend: Vancouver | HAUSOFCOLOR

The girls and I got together for a joint bachelorette weekend in Vancouver and we had soooo much fun! We mostly ate and discovered what Vancity had to offer!

►Places we ate at in Vancouver:
• Banh Mi Saigon
• Kingyo
• Shanghai River
• Snowy Village
• Cactus Club Coal Harbour
• Hot Pot Palace
• Miku

• Vlogging camera (Canon G7x):


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Joyce L says:

Cactus club in Vancouver is delicious! And the view just makes it even better. Plus the washrooms are so nice lol.
I wish Toronto was as beautiful as BC and Alberta! 😔

Madina Turysbekova says:

I miss little P!!!

Arasi Hamilton says:

You are such a sweet person ❤️ I've got to try that hot pot place next time I'm in BC

Michou Beauty says:

Who is the future bride?

Salli Jo says:

Ahhh I'm from Vancouver 😭😭 hope to see you next time you come visit!

jlouie27 says:

I'm guessing THIS video will be looping at the Hot Pot Palace from now on 😄

MzTee Le says:

3:40 – what's that song? I can't seem to find it 🙁

Samantha White says:

I'm planning a trip there soon! I hope to go in November!

spritedrin says:

Earls is so much better than cactus club

Witnessed Alien says:

Wow I missed your Travel vlogs so freaking much! I mean I like seeing you with Preston and you have your own motherly responsibilities…but your travel vlogs are the best! Hope we get to see those more!

enoki says:

why do they play your videos everyday at the hotpot place? are you from Vancouver? lol

Karin Kirstin says:

Definitely missed your travel vlogs! 😭

Hatsuna Murakami says:

Amazing!!!what are the songs played in this vid?

coookei says:

So glad you had a good time in Vancouver!! Love your videos 🙂

Crystal Li says:

Feel like you are getting better and better at vlogging! I love your videos so much.

Jennifer A says:

This is the best video of yours I have seen! The people were amazing 😁

Kyutie 2 says:

I love you so much and I love you travel videos a lot please make a wanderlust

Camille Brister says:

You guys look so cute! It's always nice to see women getting along! #girlpower #womenrule 🤘

creativesovl says:

Love this!
Any small youtubers want to support each other? ❤️✨

zz eck says:

Your baby will miss mami

iH8BEAN says:

Awww, I've missed these! ❤️ That HOTPOT Palace was sooooo cute for playing your videos!! 😍😭😭😭😭

Zane zzz says:

I think, this is rare nowadays. You are blessed!

Angela Castillo says:

Omg I wish I met you!!! 😩 Come back to Vancouver soon 💜

Anj DelaCruz says:

OMG LV, you have no idea how much I missed your travel vlogs!! I almost cried when I heard your voice in the intro. Looks like you had a very great time! Love you and P, stay gorgeous and humble! 😘💕

Maaamz says:

Haha Linda u'r famous 🙌🙌

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