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artur GRIGORYAN says:

hello im fr armenia organise tour here now it armenia very popular old place castle extrem natur atraction turuism many peaople come if u interesthing written mi

Jacob Brodnansky says:

Great tips! Also you are super pretty!

Trippy says:

i hate peppes pizza suck go on dominos thats cheaper bro

Bia Alnes says:

im sorry if my English are bad. im Norwegian

Bia Alnes says:

If you think there are not so many pepole in Oslo. You should try to go to my home town, Ålesund. Only 55000 people. Alnes are an small island outside of Ålesund. You can rent cottages there by the sea. And there are only 251 people living on the island. Hehe. That place are really beautiful. You should check it out!! 🙂

Nick Kav says:

How much is the local train round trip vs the flytoget round trip? are they both located in the airport?

Signe Øy says:

you wrote "tak" wrong. it is spelled takk

History Traveler says:

Poor you. The further North or west the nice Norway looks. And Circle K gives you a winer sausage for 0.90 euros. With bread and free musterd and ketchup. Need to move around flights are cheep and time.saving. couse roads and rail is from the 1800s. Tents can be placed almost all over the contry for free warning! (never sleep with summer gear in winter) can get-30 to -55 in winter

Ihana Pön says:

Very helpful video! It's very helpful for my upcoming trip! ❤️

David Johnson says:

So you traveled in January? I'm thinking about going to Norway in the winter. Would you recommend it or wait until spring/summer?

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