Long flights can be dreadful. We show you our tips and tricks on how to survive a long flight and enjoy it!! See the blog post for more info:


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Bethany Ellie says:

Would you still wear warm clothes in summer?

oldschooldubber says:

Any tips for people who can’t sleep in a seated position? Had a hard time when I flew to Australia from Montreal (Montréal-Chicago-Tokyo-Sydney). I just couldn’t sleep.

JonoMakesMovies says:

1. Pack light- Use light gear, if you don't need it in your carry-on, check it in 2. Get something to do- Vlogging or editing or School assignments or sleeping, find something to do 3. Bring a comfort object- Toys for children,

Roobin says:

Thanks im going to Thailand thats why

The Glasses Nerd says:

I’m traveling to London tomorrow so this is helpful😂

Sky1 says:

I used to have a job where I traveled 50% of the time and 1/2 of that was international. These tips are very good. It is very unfortunate however that things have changed and the airlines now try to make you as uncomfortable as possible to force you to upgrade. Half the time traveling to Germany I would get the 4 middle seats and be able to make a bed 3 rows back from the big screen. Used to be free drinks and used to be able to smoke on the plane. All of that has changed, now seat space is cramped, seats are less cushioned, everything has been cut to increase profits. As of now I found that SouthWest is the most comfortable when flying cattle coach.

cadence villamor says:

I dont rest before the flight because I always hope to sleep during the entire ride.

The Red Fox says:

I’m traveling across Canada from Nanaimo to Halifax and it is my first unaccompanied flight wish me luck


Sasha Wyatt says:

Feel free to take your shoes off, just please please please keep your socks on. It's pretty gross when people feel the need to take their socks off as well.

Aishwarya Chopra says:

I have a six hour flight to Kona Hawaii in 5 days, is that long? I’m not very excited cause I have finals right after that so I have to bring study materials

ItzBronex says:

Read a book for once

Reece Spicer says:

What do I do? British passports are subject to change as we leave the EU, so do I cash out on an adult passport for my 16th birthday, grab one now or wait until they finish changing?

James Chin says:

bring a towel with you !!!!

half witidiot says:

Haha maybe one day you will travel somewhere

jazz Road says:

What is there carry on called or the back pack they had?

Joshua Crayton says:

The ultimate tip:

If you fly with me you fly business class

Highestcloud says:

Tip: make sure to be well rested Real life: toss & turn worrying not getting enough sleep.

Ben Lorenowicz says:

No fòod is high in insulin. Some food spikes insulin. On a low carb keto diet I won't be eating carbs on my flight.

Carson Lujan says:

I pretty much fly a lot I don’t think I need these useless tips

Emily Gu says:

I have flown more than 10 times between Shanghai, China and Los Angeles, USA. I think i'm pretty much an expert in long haul flights (but I always fly business class so sorry gotta go can't relate!)

Stephanie Morrison says:

You guys are the best!

Billie Cattermole says: another video to help with long flights

Samantha Pattinson says:

When i flight from Europe to Colombia its 11 hours inside the plane i drive crazyyy evertimr hahah so this video is good


Pray for safe landing.. 😅😂 i cant sleep while on board.

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