Travel tips: How to keep valuables safe at the beach

Travel tips: How to keep valuables safe at the beach

Travel tips: This is how you keep your valuables safe at the Beach. Go for a swim at the beach without hesitation.

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Deborah Rodriguez says:

So happy your making videos. I love your tips and tricks on traveling. Thank you

OneEyed Jack says:

I can't imagine why you'd ever have to travel alone. I'd be a bit nervous carrying that big camera when I was alone in an unfamiliar environment.

Peyton Wetzel says:

Oh gosh I missed you!

dunhill1 says:

Why not simply leave your valuables in your hotel room safe? House keeping or cabana boys will provide you with their beach towels. I've never brought my wallet to the beach—it stays in the hotel. The only things I bring are waterproof camera and room key which goes in my velcro pocket.

Dana Gawlak says:

Awesome video! Where can I find a towel like your swimming towel?!

MG says:

Can Sonia teach me how to swim?

Sal Perez says:

You're a genius!! But that tiny hand towel. Lol

ceilonyc says:

Whoa!!! Wait dry bags state they are not to be submerged….

boxingguyty says:

check out the beach Vault it's a big Corkscrew that you put your belongings inside of and then it screws into the sand and is undetectable to the eye.

soniastravels says:

Hi hi!!! Links for dry-bags are in the description (not sponsored)– this is the stuff I personally use 🙂 Help me grow- share pretty please

Amy Pennebacker says:

I thought I was the only one with this problem!

Avicenna Hafizh says:

try using a ziplock to contain your stuff and bury it on the sand then cover it with the sarong

Kaycee Umerah says:

Very useful video . Can you please do a video on what to pack for a 4 days conference? Thanks Sonia ?

NCS Sounds says:

wonderfull vid If you need any free music for your videos, come browse through the playlist's i have, i think they would really imrpove your stuff!

Catherine Deandrade says:

soooo glad your making video again <3

RnBC says:

hey Sonia, where did you get your waterproof bumbag? i'm just back from a holiday to Spain and i never once went swimming because i wasnt sure what to do with my room key, phone etc. Thanks!

Medinalegend says:

what if u lost it in sea ???
I don't take anything if I want swimming ?
we can go together ?
I sent message to u in Instagram

Jack Sparrow says:

This was useful. Especially for solo travellers out there who always have to worry about how to take care of their stuff. I usually use a waterproof phone pouch.

Iris Vanderloo says:

Your videos are so useful!!!

Steve Samson says:

this video is really good and really useful

Bitch Lasagna says:

thanks!! im leaving for Puerto Rico in 3 days so this was useful !!

Lalaine I. says:

Just in time for my trip to Cartagena ❤️

Jenna Petten says:


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