Travel Photography Gear | Q&A: What’s in My Bag?

Travel Photography Gear | Q&A: What’s in My Bag?

I get travel photography gear questions all the time. So, I thought I’d do a Q&A about my photo kit.
Check out my photography on IG at @brendanvanson. | Blog of my gear:
My photography gear is actually pretty simple. Yes, with the photography channel I also have a lot of extra things for the vlogging side of things. But, for still photos, I really don’t have a massive kit.
Travel photography gear has to versatile and easy to pack. It’s not smart or efficient to pack around massive amounts of specialty gear as a travel photographer. So, you need to make compromises and shoot equipment that has multiple purposes.
My travel photography camera is a 5d mark iv. And there are some people who might think that the Sony A7ii or A7iii is better. But, I’m happy with this camera body.
As for my travel photography lens. Well, I don’t have one. Rather, I have 4 lenses that I use for different purposes. I carry a 16-35mm, a 70-200mm lens, a 50mm lens, and a 14mm lens.
I also have some specialty gear like a GoPro and a drone. There’s also mention in this video about my tripod, and basically anything else I use to make still images. Then, I end this video doing a bit of a Q&A.
Tomorrow on the photography channel, I’m back exploring and taking pictures here in Southern California.



Debbie Rooker says:

You'll soon be at 50k ๐Ÿ™‚ Interesting vlog about travel photography gear, always fascinating to hear all about what you need while out on the road. And great Q & A ๐Ÿ™‚

Haggis Eater says:

How do you make a living?

Nicolas Gilly says:


John P says:

โ€œI leave food, clothing and shoes behind over gearโ€ Brendan….you NEVER leave food!!!!

Gerard Ferry says:

in the future do not apologise

Arghyadip Sen says:

Did your laptop survived from falling off the table..?

Pack & Click says:

I'll be there at sunrise in Santa Monica. You'll get to 50K in to time!

Jonathan says:

Do you ever experience any vignetting with your 16-35 and Lee filters?

Peter Breeson says:

How often ( or do you ) clean the camera sensor …. do you do it it have it done by the factory / camera shop ?

Kyle Macdonald says:

I hope you find your way near Detroit on your road trip

Ralph Goldsmith says:

Informative video. I was also going to mention the Mammut Trion pro bag but I see someone (Taser Face) beat me to it. Congratulations on the subs and views

brotonel alex says:

You didnโ€™t mention the small thing beside the 14mm, is that an adaptor? Mc-11? and also what lens did you use on this video lol

dsh vlogs says:

Cool vid i really appreciated the information

Daniel Maurath says:

Thanks for the answer! Likely going for the RRS as the last one I hopefully ever buy (at least for a few years!).

Jean-Luc Coulon says:

Well, you says it is not sooooo heavy. Well, you are young, strong and healthy!
I've not so much in my bag but I always found it too heavy ๐Ÿ˜‰

I've a question you didnt answser (yet): no speedlite at all?

wooex says:

Do you have problem launching the mavic app on your phone? My first flight was only a bit off hovering just to get a feel of the controls. 2 minutes later i powered down and when I turned it on again the app won't start. It was a bit frustrating because I drove 45 minutes to remote location just to be safe and by my self. At home I find a quick work around this problem not a solution. But than an other problem caused the app to not start. Now ratings of the app speaks to it self for sure. First I thought maybe I need an iPhone instead of an Android but the ratings of the app is basically the same there too.

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