Travel Mexico: A hidden beach amongst a cemetery

Travel Mexico: A hidden beach amongst a cemetery

Sonia Gil goes to Sayulita, Mexico. Playa Los Muertos (Beach of the dead) is a hidden little beach passed a cemetery.

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rebostorm19 says:

Sonia you're so fit come to the UK ?

Steven John Lindsay says:

You're Back! Awesome!

Osnapitzdeema says:

Just wanted to take a moment to say… Thank you for coming back Sonia! :')

Ricardo Pérez says:

You're stunning, Sonia

Roxii Contreri says:

Nayarit is beautiful, I suggest you visit more places!
Great video!

alteredillusions100 says:

We love you, Sonia! Your Amsterdam videos inspired me to take my first solo International trip to Amsterdam in 2014. Thank you

Kayleigh Vaughn says:

it's so nice to have you back ?

De al Andalus a Sefarad says:

Hermoso!!! que alegría verte en tus viajes otra vez.

Carolina Rosales Lazalde says:

Amo tus videos, he aprendido mucho de ellos y me sacaron de apuros en mis propios viajes. Necesito más!!!

SIN ADY says:

welcome back senorita

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