Travel is About The People

Travel is About The People

I’ve spent the last year of my life living out a suitcase and traveling to over 20 countries with a group of 45 amazing individuals. I’ve made countless memories and gotten to see places I couldn’t have even imagined. BUT, after a year of travel… I’ve realized that traveling is often not about the places. Traveling is about the people.

The people are what make the places worth visiting. This video is my ode to traveling, and to the people. The people… who make the places… worth visiting.

Shout out to Remote Year and the incredible people in my Balboa group. I can’t wait to see where we all end up!

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Susanna Townsend says:

Great video Justin! I’m on my first month of RY and I already agree completely. You’ve been an inspiration through your vlog. Hoping that our paths cross one day …

Juan Cardenas says:

Short but yet substantial video!! You're definitely a very lucky guy "be able to travel around the world, do what you like and meet so many people " awesome!!! You're awesome ! Great vid! 🙂 Saludos Justin!!

Teddy Mola says:

非常好看的旅游Volg,超级喜欢。Keep going!加油 祝你好运

Rachel Yancey says:

Love it! Totally agree. People and experiences are the best part of travel. Thanks for sharing.

Deanna Smith says:

Couldn't agree more!

Visual Kontrast says:

That was a nice voice over!

Elias Soto says:

Your videos are so awesome. Two thumbs up 😉

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