Travel Cambodia Now! 🇰🇭😍 PRETTIEST ANGKOR TEMPLE EVER???

Travel Cambodia Now! 🇰🇭😍 PRETTIEST ANGKOR TEMPLE EVER???

Exploring the famous “Tomb Raider” temple at Angkor Wat, eating crazy fruit, insane tuk tuk rides & much more! 👍 THUMBS UP PLEASE!
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Nate & Adriana says:

Hey dudes! Heading to Cambodia? We've got your covered!
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John Franco says:

Great video again! Though we got scammed by this tuktuk driver who just let us visit 3 main temples and making us eat lunch at his friends' business lol.

Space Hobo says:

Nate! WTF? Red Bull? I never seen Nate so audio-visually active before – sup dude?…..:-)…..Good ole Angkor, never get tired of that for sure…..and the red roads, that is crazy – some babaji over in India once confided me, that they were transplanted from Mars – he was high as a totem-pole, but I believe every word leaving his sacred mouth…..keep em coming guys…..:-)…….never heard of this temple before……cool!

Markyboy No1 says:

You're doing what all people should do, Get Out There !…It's a Big World… Explore Everything….Great VLOG Keep 'em coming.

My VLog says:

wow.!!! nice to see you again at Cambodia.

The Curious Gamer says:

Red dirt roads? Have you ever been to Central Australia? It's everywhere here.

Raleigh Drigo says:

Deng how'd that tree get on the roof anyways? I don't get why someone wouldn't chop it down before it got so massive lol

Franky Awuy says:

I never been there, after watching your vlog i think Cambodia is nice

Sarin Man says:

I've never been to Banteay Srei but will have to see it the next time I visit Cambodia. Wow Nate tried the palm juice…was it the alcoholic version? Great video as always!

Susan Duquette says:

Excellent vlog.Cambodia looks beautiful and the temples are something I would love to see.The trees were absolutely beautiful and looked prehistoric around the roots.I really enjoyed this video,nice to see you and Nate.Great job!😀🇨🇦

stlev99 says:

Nate & Adriana, this was really a great piece. I have never traveled to Angkor Wat; maybe one of these days. But that brings me to this… Have you visited any of the Khmer temple ruins in Thailand? The most famous is Phimai, which is an official government historical park. It is heavily restored, but it still gives a pretty good idea of how gigantic it too was (nothing like Angkor Wat of course). I THINK (not sure) That Phimai might actually be older than Angkor Wat. Phimai is in Nakorn Ratchasima (or "Korat", as it is also called). My favorite is called Phanom Rung, and it is in Buriram, rather close to the Cambodian border. If you can get to Phanom Rung, I highly recommend it. When you get to the top of the incline where the complex it, it will blow your socks off (wait, who wears socks in Thailand?) It is basically at the edge of a kind of cliff, with breathtaking panoramas. This place is about an hour or so southeast of Phimai. One more I would like to mention (and will explain why) is Peuai Noi. I seriously doubt more than 1% of tourists and 0.5% of Thais have ever heard of this place, much less seen it. It is not soo big, but it was a fort, and there it stands…. in the middle of nowhere. And that is my point. Obviously at some point in time, Phnom Rung, Phimai and Peuai Noi were important enough locations to have a big complex. But why? I'm not kidding, Peuai Noi (which is also an "Amphoe" of the province of Khon Kaen), is the very definition of "middle of nowhere". There's no obvious reaons from our perspective why it merited a gorgeous construction like that. And just as mysterious, this whole civiization, including that of Angkor Wat, suddenly just basically went belly up.What's that all about? Were they abducted by space alients? Did they all drink spiked Palm Juice and disappear? It's just amazing. Oh and footnote… I have only been to Sukhothai once, about 35 years ago, so I I don't remember it wel, but it is quite extensive. Have you guys gone there while staying in Chiangmai? Anyway, thanks again for a really niece piece. In this part of Thailand, there are many Cambodians who come here, both legally and illegally, to do construction jobs, landscaping, etc. They are often treated (or at least looked upon ) as people in the U.S. have looked upon economic immigrants (Like Mexicans). In some ways, if you look over the centuries, Cambodia looks like ground zero for bad karma. Holy crap, they have suffered. Yet, they do seem like absolutely lovely people. I don't know how they do it? Our gardener (it's his moonlighting job) is Cambodian. he works his ass off and knows everything possible about gardening, it seems. His wife came here illiterate (I was going to use google translate with her, as there is no Cambodian voice component, but she can't read). Yet one year later this totally unschooled lady understands and speaks Thai with no problem. While Thai is chock full of Khmer words, the Cambodians face the same problem we do when we first approach thai: Cambodian is NOT a tonal language. They are a very resourceful people it seems. But when I run my mind through Angkor, The Vietnam War, Pol Pot, the Killing fields, and now abject poverty… it's kind of a downer, no? Looking forward to your next piece.

Mengkoung Kouch says:

Dude I tell you one thing in Angkor wat India people said that we will help you by proctect Angkor wat but they destroy our stone status of Cambodia king in Angkor wat and also the god fight with giant too now they copy the Angkor wat of Cambodia but you guy don't worry now we have found the biggest city of Angkor wat underground of kolan mountain and it size is the same of phom penh it very big!! I really love your videos ❤️

mark graham says:


Nate & Adriana says:

Hey dudes, this is DAY 2 out of 3 in the city of Angkor. The famous Tomb Raider temple was undoubtedly one of our favorite places we have ever been to in all of Asia. Those gigantic silk trees were out of this world! Next up, Angkor Wat at Sunrise. We're saving the best for last, of course. 😋👍 THUMBS UP PLEASE! THANKS!

DracariaEntertainment says:

I HAVE to go to tomb raider!

jordy harder says:

Great video again! Cant wait untill you guys hit the 100K subs

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