Travel across Thailand. Nakhon Ratchasima day three Lots to see here

Travel across Thailand. Nakhon Ratchasima  day three Lots to see here

Ran into subscriber at Gigantic Mall. Shopping options and a 100 year old awesome dining market with great scenery.



steve says:

I was in the mall in Pattaya inside one of the department stores one time and I was amazed at the service.Not only did each area have an attendent but it seemed at times each rack did.I guess what little pay these people make the stores can afford it.It does spoil you though because when you get back to the states and go to a store to buy something you have to organize a search party to find some help.

Marcie Californiagirl says:

sorry to complain but the noise is horrible, & your making me dizzy moving that camera so darn fast. FYI thanks Luv your vids

Samtheman says:

Hey Chuck did you schedule that meeting of Tony from New York ? Did u know he lives in Thailand?

Fidelity Quester says:

Those are some big bugs? Did you show the locals how to eat them East Texas style? By ripping the head off, sucking the juices out and pinching the tail meat out. Just kidding brother…. ha,

Ricky Morgan says:

You need to buy you a loin cloth and I heard you talk about me. In Korea, we called it three baths a day weather, one in the morning, one when you finish work, and one before you go to bed.

Ricky Morgan says:

get you a lavalier mike .

Carlos Sebastian necrotic goth says:

Here in Puerto Rico some people wear hoodies the temperature is 80° idk how they can tolerate it

Glenn Jones says:

ah yes, green slimy flem worms, aloy

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