Tottenham dominate Everton in 4-0 win

Tottenham dominate Everton in 4-0 win

Harry Kane led the way for Tottenham with two goals as Spurs topped Everton 4-0 at Wembley Stadium.



Roland Ayo-Ojo says:

The 4th goal was a beauty 😘😍

Kevin Ferrera says:

Spurs has such great players! But why can't they do this against any important teams. If they can start doing this against better teams they will be scary. I have always though son was class even in his Bayer leverkusen days.

MindZero says:

I have a feeling Spurs will beat Juventus

Hassan Adani says:

Lmao Aurier shot it lucky Sonny was there

Vijay Tiwari says:

I thought Arsenal’s defense is the worst in EPL until seeing Everton defending today.

Michael Cox says:

I love how unselfish spurs players are!! Great job boys!!!!

Maxime Restuccia says:

that last goal was class

Odin J says:

Spurs forecast for the next four months: very Sonny

SSC CreatiVision says:

I love this team and there chemistry. Every time they score it just makes me smile lol

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