Top Costa Rica Travel Tips – Essential for your Costa Rica Vacation

Top Costa Rica Travel Tips – Essential for your Costa Rica Vacation
The Top 7 Costa Rica Travel Tips is the focus of this Frog TV video. These are the top questions we get asked all the time by our clients before booking a vacation to Costa Rica. So Adam Baker answers them for you right here! Check it out & if you have some MORE questions you would like answering please post them int he comments box below!

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Wendy DeAbreu says:

Thanks Adam, Enjoyed your youtube video. Please contact me Planing to travel in June or July

4stronaut says:

Is it true that Costco owns Costa Rica?

Sumayyah Abdus-Samad says:

great information.
im planning to visit Costa Rica in December for my Birthday. where is the best area to stay?

vampire1111pitbull says:


beeehaav says:

hey there…great info…thank you.
planning a coastal road trip around Costa Rica…ending up in Puerto Viejo de talamanca. any advice? your thoughts? is April a good time to go?

Nancy Hanna says:

Hello I am going to Costa Rica in about 2 weeks for volunteer work.  I have the option to go to Santa Ana, Tres Rios or Limon.  What would you suggest?  I was thinking of going to Santa Ana because it is the closest to MonteVerde and I thought I could visit during the weekend. Please let me know what you suggest.  Is it safe as a woman to travel alone in Costa Rica? thanks for your tips
After I come back, I will probably plan another trip with my family in June (end of June, first of July) and want to make sure my 3 teens have lots of fun…. I may just reach out to you to plan a vacation upon my return.

nutter butters says:

why am i watching this ? i'm costa rican ..

VenturesOfJanee says:

I have a video on my channel about tips and advice on traveling to Costa Rica! Please check it out! I hope you enjoy it!

RawEeMk says:

Damn it I was hoping on more survival answers as I am backpacking around the area with limited supplies for half a year, thanks though!

The Glimpsed Travel Show says:

I enjoyed your vid, What was your inspiration behind it? Please as well take a look at my travel serial, been to US, Spain, Kingdom of Thailand and Australia so far! all the best! Josh

Daniel Obando Zamora says:

Thank you very much well done son i'm a Costa Rican living in London

69adrummer says:

Are they friendly to Americans there?

James Rice says:

My wife and I have planned a trip to Costa Rica during the thanksgiving week 2017. How can we get more information regarding your grounds transportation and fees?

MoreBeck says:

if your looking for costa rica vlogs to follow check mine out says:

Great Video

Hindi Illuminati says:

Do they have chicken fights or cock fights

Let's Go™ 4K Interactive Family Travel Series says:

Very informative! Great vid! Please take a look at some of our Costa Rica episodes. Would love to collaborate!

Larry Taube says:

We have a travel package and are using a Swiss Travel tour guide and driver for a group of 10 people. These two have been excellent resources for us during our stay of ten days. We have used them for about 8 full days during this time.

What would you recommend for tips for the guide and driver? We do not know the value of the trips they have taken us on?
Thanks for your help!

potato Jack says:

Nice British accent

samantha aparicio says:

what are the best town to stay in when going to Costa Rica? where i can experience all the outdoor experience??

Dalia Lourenço says:

You are so good 🙂

Paul Bullock says:

How is Costa Rica for the Ziki Virus? Is it safe to travel? Also how would you plan to visit Liberia area and also San Jose?

Calicarper Luis Montes says:

can you please get back at me ASAP.. planning to take my wife next month.. and I need good advice.. also looking for great package deals!

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