Top 5 Solo Travel Fears and How To Beat Them

Top 5 Solo Travel Fears and How To Beat Them

Solo travel can be scary, especially if it’s your first time traveling alone.

Here are the five biggest travel fears I hear from you guys and how to overcome them. I’m not the best at sugar-coating things so if you’re looking for a fluffy video telling you everything will always be okay when you’re abroad, this is not it but it’s how I deal with my fears when it comes to traveling alone places and hopefully this will help you too 🙂

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Joel Ponce says:

Hey Lindsay I was wondering what is your tip about using your money while traveling abroad. Cash, debit or credit cards? Thanks.

Edges Of Earth says:

– Haha – I loved this! Yes. Fear is literally the only fear (annnnd spiders. Effff spiderssss!! ?)

I seen your ad on TY the other day (I forget which company you were partnered with) …pretty cool, though. Congrats!

Laura Wilcock says:

Hey Lindsay, I was thinking of going travelling in the near future and documenting all of it. Did filming ever become not fun or so annoying that you stopped? Love your vids

AllEcoLiving says:

How do you find lounging accommodations in remote areas, villages, etc? Oh, also what about public toilets in underdeveloped countries? I am to grossed out by the mere thought of-cleanest ones I found were in Tokyo, so I stick with developed countries!

Chris Hancock says:

Such a great video

Beth Collins says:

thank you so much for this! … best get saving!!! x

Madilyn Schroeder says:

i just got back from a solo trip to Italy.. I was there for 11 days and went to Venice, Rome, and Pescara. I didn't plan ANYTHING!!! literally nothing besides the first three days, it was amazing and I'm so happy I didn't plan anything. I met so many amazing people.

Shoppingtrollies says:

I've currently been solo traveling, I'm a 19 year old female and I've absolutely loved my time. Being alone gives you so much more freedom!

insertyourquarters says:

Lindsay I've said this so many time but your amazing. Thanks for informative videos as always! ?

Jessica Kóródy says:

Thank you so much for this! My boyfriend doesn't want to go away for more than a week this year so I'm thinking of going somewhere alone but it makes me seriously anxious. I'm great at figuring out where I want to go on vacations and what I need, but it just feels more comfortable to have someone else there to calm the nerves and to pick up on anything I''m missing on the way (I tend to get overwhelmed by stimuli in busy or new places). Maybe my next step is to take a deep breath and drive the hour and a half to visit my dad in the hospital alone. I think I have a phobia of getting lost (or looking like an idiot) when I'm alone, particularly in a busy place or somewhere farther from home! I always think I'm missing a turn or something when I'm somewhere I'm less familiar with. Being somewhat self conscious and shy in new situations doesn't help my travel fears either. Plus I'm a planner when I go away (I find doing some basic destination planning is helpful) and if anything comes up that's unexpected, that's where I'll be nervous. But I know I need to make moves out of my comfort zone! I'm always striving to be a better person and to learn something new every day!

Zia Moon says:

I was literally just thinking…"when is she going to post a new video?" And then I checked my subscriptions and I'm 7 hours late!
Soy estupido

Global Adventurer says:

You hit all the major points. Your last point is so important to any traveler, to focus on their trip in the here and now without consuming a lot of that time with associates and family back home, no matter how pissed off they may get. You rob your enjoyment by trying to please them and in turn diminish your travel experience.

technojunkie123 says:

these are some wonderful tips! i'm definetly forwarding these to one of my coworkers in the hopes that it'll convince him to take that trip to The Phillipines by himself, instead of hoping for someone who will want to go with him

MyLifeAsLouis says:

My only tip is, the next time fear slowly creeps it’s way into your heart, remember that the hardest thing about getting started… is getting started. 🙂

Captain RubberDuck says:

Fear cuts deeper than swords :p

Shana Hernandez says:

I'm moving to Southeast Asia in a week and this just made me feel more comfortable about the move. LOVE your videos btw! Thx?

Menucha Colish says:

Thanks! I'm traveling alone on Tuesday

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