Top 5 Mistakes in US Sports History

Top 5 Mistakes in US Sports History


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Pump Up Productions says:

1:13 I still remember that day 🙁

Keith Bramstedt says:

How was Nebraska going for two one of the top mistakes in sports history? They probably would've won the national championship if they kicked the extra point and the game wound up a tie, but that's kind of a pussy way to win a national championship in football.

IanCollectzKardzEntertainment 12 says:

7th, or 5th. Nice highlight vid!

Ryan Lynch says:

For those wondering, the bill Buckner error was a mistake by the Red Sox manager. Bill had knee problems, and commonly would be taken out of the game in the 7th inning. However the Red Sox manager wanted him to be on the field when they won the World Series. If his replacement after the 7th was on the field, then the play would have probably been made

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