Top 10 Sports Teams We LOVE to Hate

Top 10 Sports Teams We LOVE to Hate


What makes a team one of the most hated franchises in sports? It’s not that these are teams that suck in terms of success; they’re just teams that are just the WORST in terms of annoying or obnoxious fans and/or a dirty style of play. Whether it’s the Toronto Maple Leafs (Stanley Cup-less since 1967), America’s Team the Dallas Cowboys or Manchester United, these are hateable teams with some of the most insufferable fandoms in all of sports. WatchMojo counts down ten of the most hated sports teams of all time.

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00:35 #10: Manchester United F.C.
01:41 #9: Toronto Maple Leafs
02:30 #8: Boston Red Sox
03:19 #7: Boston Bruins
03:57 #6: Los Angeles Lakers
04:47 #5: Boston Celtics
05:44 #4: Dallas Cowboys
06:37 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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Markus Reyes says:

where are the gs warriors

Chris topher says:

Boston represent

Crystal Disbrow says:

I live in Denver. So for me it's the Raiders.

Daniel Silva says:

Alright Watchmojo. Talk all the shit you want about the Yankees losing. But when they win the World Series this year and the Blue Jays don't, then oh well for you ?? I'm obviously joking, but don't doubt the Yankees.

Useless Kapi says:

I hate RealMadrid bc Ronaldos ego and Pepes dirty playing

Felix Daza R says:

Two Words…. Real Madrid

Didds says:


Conor wilson says:

for gaa it would be dublin every other county hates them and they hate us .

Karma says:

FOLLOW @DailySportsFeed On Instagram PLEASE!!!!!

wes williamson says:

if you would have included college teams Notre Dame would be number one easily.

Matt Whitney says:

I'm from Boston and my favorite club is Manchester United… welcome to my life

Aidan Cooney says:

People like the cabs but hate the warriors

Dat Boi says:

Fuck Manchester United!

andrewkf98 says:

Lots of jealousy towards Boston I see

Robert Wingardpokevids says:

There was a mistake at 3:00 they forgot to say 2007 for the Red Sox sadly that year they beat my second favorite team the Rockies I have connections to both so don't ask

Amanda Dickinson says:

Gotta love Boston sports teams ???

Erick Ernesto Serratos Gallegos says:

Club América?? Their motto is "hate me more" fuck them!!!

BulbaYoshi Pokèmon Go and Mario says:

Aww; Celtic FC wasn't #1 🙁

David Biliouris says:

sox won in 07 also.

Joshua James says:

thank god the Washington redskins aren't on this list! breathes a sigh of relief

Meg L says:

All of the Major Boston teams are on this list – they hate us because they ain't us! It's funny though, when I was growing up in the 90s and all the Patriots, Bruins, Red Sox and Celtics sucked, we were lovable losers. You become successful and it's all hate. I can see the Pats being on a list like this, but the other three? Hardly!

OchoOucho8585 says:

For the Red Sox they forgot the 2007 title

Baller Martial says:

Hated adored never ignored MUFC OK #gggmu

csyoung2011 says:

Imagine if they added college. Duke basketball would easily be top 3.

Tic TOC Toe says:

Celtics should not be on here especially if they are going to be above the lakers. Also, No Flyers or Canadiens

Many Sánchez says:

Where is América F.C. (mexican soccer league)?

Meme APPLE says:

Man U shouldn't be on here hated football teams are city and real

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