Top 10 Sports Careers Cut Short

Top 10 Sports Careers Cut Short

We will never know how good these guys could’ve been. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Sports Careers Cut Short. Subscribe►►… Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at those athletes that gained a degree of prestige before their careers were curtailed, or who have an exceptional story as to why they can’t play the game they love anymore.

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Chayzer says:

so this list was obviously made before Jose Fernandez's crash

Mike McGee says:

Len Bias does not belong on the list

Monica seles should have been number one or number two because of the circumstances

Dezmond Anderson says:

where is Ernie Davis

XxdSports M says:

Drazen Petrovic won silver not bronze on the Olympics

Coda 20097 says:

What about Sister golden hair by America , that is a Bad Girl

Alex Duval says:

where is ernie davis. He went to Syracuse University and became one of the best running backs at Syracuse with Jim brown and Floyd Little. Unfortunately, He died of pnumonia and did not play for the Clevland Browns for getting drafted by them.

stone1andonly says:

Two players from the Baltimore Colts of the 1970's could easily have been considered for this list – Lydell Mitchell & Bert Jones. Mitchell held a number of NCAA records for rushing prior to going pro, and for a couple seasons he was the equal of any running back in the league, including O.J. Simpson of then-division rival Buffalo. Knee injuries prematurely ended his career after being dealt away following the 1977 season. Bert Jones was among the elite quarterbacks of the NFL, the heir to Johnny Unitas in Baltimore, but following the 1977 season he was plagued by repeated shoulder injuries. Sadly, Colts management failed to acquire a solid line for Jones in those years, as was evidenced by a game in October, 1980 when Bert was sacked 12 times by the St. Louis Cardinals. Ironically, 8 years after his retirement, Jones took part in the first NFL Quarterback Challenge, winning the retiree's division and placing third among all competitors, retired and active. The Colts might do well to remember Bert Jones now as they struggle to keep Andrew Luck healthy in Indianapolis.

Tyler Stewart says:

Roberto Clemente?

Kevin Walker says:

I might suggest that Tiger Woods be added to this list at some point even though his career is not technically over.

Hung Pow says:

Bjorn Borg. 11 grand slams. Retired at 26. Come on. Very American-centric list. Should rename this vid to Top 10… in American Sports.

Héber Monteiro says:

Ayrton Senna should be on the list, not only an honorable mention.

Drew Berning says:

no derek boogaurd? y?

#Beast Mode says:

Where is LeCharles Bentley

ThurstonWatt says:


PrinzPassionsfrucht says:

Daniel Bryan or Owen Hart maybe? Oh sorry, my apologies but I know… Wrestling isn't a "real" sport so they don't count, right Internet?

barcalona55 says:

sean taylor or brandon burlsworth!!!!!

John Porter says:

Where is Steve Prefontaine!!!!

Insulation Innovators says:

You forgot Lou Gehrig

Johnny Utah says:

I don't think that if the person died they should be on this list….that is a life thst ended early not a spoets career.

Chuck Da Beaver says:

Fam the only good player on my team the blazers dies…huh

Robert Skorupski says:

what about greg oden?

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