Top 10 Greatest North American Sports Dynasties

Top 10 Greatest North American Sports Dynasties

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Many teams have won championships, but only a select few dominated for extended periods of time. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 North American Sports Dynasties. Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we’re looking at those North American sports teams that won multiple championships, and continued to dominate over a period of several years.

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Life of Camari says:

i dont know how athletes from the 60's and before where able to dominate with people smoking in the arenas

The Savage says:

No one fucking cares about eggball

Splash 23 says:

Bad list. 2000's/2010's Pats clearly #1 90's Bulls #2 60's Celtics #3

Beast says:

Patriots are by far the greatest sports dynasty horrible list.

brian s. says:

Pats should be #1 #FreeBrady #BlitzForSix

Rich Auclair says:

Patriots should be #1 now

Daniel Pease says:

How are the Yankees not number one 27

Frosty Belfort says:

'80s 49ers – 4x Super Bowl champs, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice (1st & 2nd greatest football players of all time)'90s Cowboys – 3x Super Bowl champs (in 4 years), Emmitt Smith (All-Time leading rusher and TD scored)'70s Steelers – 4x Super Bowl champs (in 6 years), Defense (number 1 of all time), 9 HOF'sAnd the '00 Patriots are still ranked above all three? I love your page, but you obviously know little about football history.

wearethefallenmusic says:

There is no way in Hell that the 2000s Patriots are better than the 70s Steelers. Come on they cheated their way to the top

Junky Munky says:

wtf? where the early 2000s Lakers at?
they made the finals 4 times from 2000 to 2004 having a three peat from 2000-2002 led by the most dominant force in basketball Shaq and his fellow teammate Kobe. wtf mojo

Edward S says:

Great list ! Who can argue this ?

Dean Konstantian says:

Surely this is not in order????? 80's lakers cant be at 10

ace942 says:

Some of the honorable mentions should have been on the list.

michel van deijck says:

Pals Shit she really looks like strongly amaingsomething :c

Jesse Logan says:

how bout Ottawa silver sevens 6 Stanly cups in 7 years. no video footage I guess.

44 22 says:

1990s Red Wings?

Seth Sharpled says:

Late 80s Detroit Pistons should be an honorable mention

Patrick Kelley says:


Steel City Champions says:

2015-2017 Brooklyn Nets

Kodak White says:

2010's patriots

Ken Coakley says:

didn't the Celtics win 11 titles in 13 years at one point? But, hey, I'm just being a homer.

Jonah Britton says:

How are the patriots not number one

LeeT44 says:

Typical BULLSHIT! The Islanders won 4 straight Stanley Cups, and went to a fifth. A PROFESSIONAL SPORTS RECORD of 19 Straight playoff series wins. FIVE hall of famers, and 16 of those players won all four cups. And they're an 'Honorable Mention"???? The Five Cups Montreal won were a total of 10 series-a first round and a final. Nobody is going to win 19 series in a row in any sport anymore. I have the Islanders 1, Steelers 2. Patriots 3.Canadiens 4. 49ers 5.

Mike Montana says:

This list is a TOTAL JOKE ! 49ers #7 but they have the Pats at #5 ? HELL NO ! LMAO

Devin Apple says:

NY Islanders 4 stanley cups in a row? Hello?

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