Top 10 Biggest Sports Upsets Pt. 2

Top 10 Biggest Sports Upsets Pt. 2

Another Top 10 Shocking Sports Upsets

There’s no shortage of shocking sports upsets in sports history to keep you rooting for the underdog. Whether it’s a big game like the Super Bowl, a tennis match involving a star like Rafael Nadal or even the Daytona 500, any sporting event can end in an upset. WatchMojo takes a look at ten more times the underdog won in our list of another top 10 biggest sports upsets.

Did we miss any of the greatest sports upsets in history? Of course we did! They’re on our first list of the Top 10 Sports Upsets here:

00:45 #10: Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm – UFC 193 (2015)
01:55 #9: Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos – Super Bowl XXXII (1998)
03:01 #8: Everyone vs. Trevor Bayne – Daytona 500 (2011)
04:21 #7: Japan vs. South Africa – Rugby World Cup (2015)
05:36 #6: Rafael Nadal vs. Robin Söderling – French Open (2009)
07:03 #5: George Foreman vs. Muhammad Ali – Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship (1974)
08:28 #4: St. Louis Rams vs. New England Patriots – Super Bowl XXXVI (2002)
09:51 #3, #2 & #1???

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Robert Harrington says:

'High kick to the head' high kick means head kick lol

AmericanFlyerMayflower says:

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is not a NASCAR legend.
He's a good driver, but not of "legendary" status.

Thomas Vorm says:

Rugby World Cup 2015 Japan vs South Africa should be higher on the list. It was the GREATEST upset of all time for rugby

spas-tik- says:

No Buster Douglas over "Iron" Mike Tyson??? WTF??? Biggest upset EVER!!!!

Richard El Diablo says:

Why isn't youtube showing Ronda's loss, most people saw it live anyway

Richard El Diablo says:

Anderson Silva's loss should be number 1

Jayvin Luis says:

Where is the 8th seeded Golden State Warriors upsetting the 1st seeded Dallas Mavericks in the 2007 NBA playoffs?

danish hussain says:

Rhonda Rousey's match was not an upset it was a delight

interfear1 says:

So glad to see Japan VS South Africa made it to the list! Let's go, rugby union!

AVZ Films says:

its unfair to put tennis in front of fighting.. you can play tennis every weekend

Extreme Ex says:

What about the 1950 World Cup Final, people even committed suicide because of that game!

Chuck Da Beaver says:

Super Bowl 49 anyone

ARampagingKiwi says:

Let's not forget the time Scott Steiner blew a 141 2/3 chance of winning

SoyaBi says:

Brazil – Germany WC 2014 7-1

sifirhaiti says:

I think the fifa world cup of 1950 uruguay vs brazil the local team and favorites should be at least in the top 10…. Too bad

Tessa Mulder says:

institutional including price meanwhile fiction stream participate hospital leap

The Snowflake Hat Man says:

Meh, the rams sucked when they were here, when they left, and now

Jon Marsh says:

so pray to god for the win instead of doing it themselves. shows you how the patriots have been able to win so much. and if its not god, its probably in the works by some authoritative figures

Noah McClay says:


Ryne Osteen says:

Where is the 1983 NC State upset over Houston?

Maxwell Warawa says:

Nice to see they added the CFL

Justin Webster says:

no way is williams' loss a bigger upset than nadal's. the undisputed king of clay losing on his favorite court in the midst of his domination to an unsung player much bigger upset

RedheadDane says:

Mathew Hayman winning the 2016 Paris-Roubaix, outsprinting Tom Boonen on the velodrome…

Henric Häggqvist says:

Söderling was not "relatively unknown" in the tennis world by 2009. He was ranked top-20 already in 2008. Sure, it was a great upset as it was Nadal's first loss in the French Open, but it does not belong on this list. In history I would for instance rank the US win over England in the 1950 football World Cup as a bigger upset, but it was only an honorable mention here.

L. B. says:

The Serena Williams upset was the greatest in sports history

SNS MD says:

Uhhh Argentina vs Germany World Cup finals?

ash the train says:

uhm western bulldogs winning the afl??? also leicester city?

NoPlanB 513 says:

What about the New Orleans Saints beating the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XIV????

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