Timbuk2 Wander Pack Review | One Bag Travel Backpack With Great Organization But Some Harness Issues

Timbuk2 Wander Pack Review | One Bag Travel Backpack With Great Organization But Some Harness Issues

On transport large and small and journeys far and wide, the Timbuk2 Wander Pack is a great companion to have by your side. It’s a nice one bag travel option, but a couple harness & strap system issues exist. View Details & Buy: https://packha.kr/sgbo

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0:32 – Material & Aesthetic
2:33 – External Components
5:59 – Inside The Pack
11:30 – Durability & Testing
12:47 – Pros & Cons
13:46 – The Verdict

You’re going on a trip. You have to bring things: clothes; shoes; electronics; toiletries. You have a decision to make, a question to answer: what type of vessel will I choose to carry all my items? Some choose a suitcase, others a duffel bag. But you don’t do that. You go a different route, off the beaten path, to places where suitcases and duffel bags don’t belong, but where you and your newly chosen backpack do.

Which pack did you choose? If it was the Timbuk2 Wander Pack, you’ve made a wise choice. The Wander Pack is Tumbuk2’s foray into creating “a legitimate backpacking pack.” If you read that statement and pictured a pack that’ll accompany you up a mountain with a sleeping bag and tent attached to it, your imagination would be spot on. But in the real world, the Wander Pack is more aptly described as a travel backpack for digital nomads.

Semantics aside, this is a great pack with attractive high-level details. It’s got a 40L capacity, measures 15” x 22.8” x 7.5”, and weighs 3.7lbs; it’s small enough for a long weekend and big enough for months-long travel. The two colors, Jet Black (the one we tested) and Surplus, both look great. It’s carry-on compliant for both major international airlines as well as small, regional ones. The construction is solid, made from water resistant 420D Ripstop nylon. And with Tumbuk2’s lifetime warranty, one needn’t worry about durability nor lifespan (though results on when something needed repair seem to be mixed).

The Timbuk2 Wander Pack is very nearly a perfect travel backpack. The things it does right, with its supremely efficient use of space and well-designed small details, make it hard to beat. If Timbuk2 would update the design to include a hip belt, reengineer how the shoulder straps lock in place, and attach the sternum strap to the shoulder straps, the Wander Pack would be second to none. As it is, it’s still a great choice for anyone looking for a carry-on compliant bag that’ll fit everything needed for your travels, no matter how far or wide your journey.

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In this video, Tom Wahlin of Pack Hacker reviews the Timbuk2 Wander Pack. It’s a decent one bag travel backpack option with some great organization options but unfortunately, there are some harness & strap system issues. Hopefully Timbuk2 will fix these for the next iteration.

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