Tibet Vacation Travel Video Guide

Tibet Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Tibet.
Tibet is a relatively little known and mysterious land of snow high up in the Himalayas that borders Nepal, Bhutan ad India. It is protected by the highest mountains in the world and is a region that has developed a unique society whose philosophy, art and religious faith have earned much interest and respect.Lhasa is the capital of Tibet and also its largest city. The Barkhor Road extends for eight hundred metres around the Jokhang Temple and nearby Tsuklakhang Square. For the faithful a visit to the Jokhang Temple is the highlight of a long and arduous pilgrimage and the Dalai Lama once sat in its inner courtyard during the monks’ annual final examination, which was also a splendid festive event. On the other side of the Chakpori, a small mountain opposite Potala, is the seldom visited Sang Gya Thong Ku Temple that is somewhat hidden away and therefore off the tourist trail. This ‘temple of a thousand images of god’ is nevertheless very popular among devout Buddhists and is a place of silent prayer. The Yarlung Valley is full of history such as possessing the oldest field in Tibet, as well as the oldest village that is located at the foot of the country’s oldest fortress, Yom Bu La Khang, the rock palace of the country’s first mystic king. One of the largest monuments in Tibetan architecture is the unique Kumbum Chörten, a three-dimensional mandala that can be entered. Eyes decorate the upper part of the Stupa. The ritual walkabout begins on the lowest level with simple deities then follows the entire Pantheon of Tibet, immortalised in both sculptures and wall paintings. Despite Chinese influence, Tibet is still a religiously devout country with a fascinating monastery culture and amazing natural scenery. Tashi Delek! Happiness and Blessings!On the “roof of the world” one is always close to the gods…!…



EastWindBreaks says:

I see brainwashed white media and brainwashed Chinese media, Its all about power and money, the US has so many states because as a whole it's powerful, if the us is poor and weak, you would see so many new nations.

Max Van says:

Tibetan, telling the people of all over the world, without China confer a title upon your top leader from ancient to now, how do you legally and effectively confirmed any generation Dalai Lama??? Why don't you tell the global people without Chinese government, you are still slaves today??? Your slave owners also the top leaders, nobilities were all living many many big houses and they own huge manors and lands. But you, you are all slaves from generation to generation, and live in less than 10 square meter black room with over 10 people, some slaves don't have place to live, they lived with livestock, even some slaves lived in very disgusting and coarse restroom to take shelter from rain!!! No beds, no pillows, no basic daily necessities. The PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA heritage from REPUBLIC OF CHIHA, and the ROC got the legal regime from Chinese Qing Dynasty, they liberate you Tibetan people to be freedom, just like the Abraham Lincoln did the right thing to liberate the slaves in United States. How do you cheat the people of all over the world that you don't have freedom??? You Tibetan lie to all the people that you are not a part of China, you are an independent nation, but you don't tell the world that you were always a part of China. Even Dalai Lama was a kid, he still needs to be confer this title upon him by Chinese government just like any generation of Chinese government did. Why don't you tell the global people due to Chinese communist party wants to liberate your most people from few top leaders and slave owners, this touch on the top leaders, nobilities and slave owners interests, so they escape from Tibet, and lie to the people of all over the world that Chinese government is bad, you are persecuted. You are totally liars!!! I believe that most of you abroad are descendant of nobilities or your family ever be slave owners. You utilized anti-China forces, want to build a single and independent nation, also anti-China forces utilized you to get the same purpose. Chinese government liberate your people, give Tibetan people freedom, give them rights and help you construct Tibet, but you do the things covered human being's heart. I really and sincerely appeal people of all over the world don't believe the media only, even report on YOUTUBE right here. Go to China, go to the Tibet ( XiZang) which a province of China, you will see how the Tibetan people freely to keep their beliefs, and how they peaceful live there.

Dave Von Saunder says:

By the way the Dalai Lama does NOT promote independence, he simply promotes full religious freedom.

Dave Von Saunder says:

UK created Free Tibet to distract its own people from all the genocide and invasions they have committed.

bobby george says:

Thanks to the soulless Chinese now there are more brothels than monasteries in china…congratulations on your genocide

mokom eric Ndifor says:

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jay pitch says:

Chinese r like cockroage they r everywhere

朱元旭 says:

the China make Tibet more rich,the road is convenient , not like someone said lies.

pratik manavi says:

Tibet is beautiful & spiritual. One day it will be free from Chinese occupation.

harry wilson says:

What a whitewash of history

Bangtan Trash says:

Tibet is a very spiritual place for those who didn't know, my heart belongs here.. My mother land..

thamainbama says:

Tibet has developed more under The Peoples' Republic of China.

thamainbama says:

Why did the Dalai Lamas need a palace if they were truly practicing Buddhism. Why were they attached to this Potala palace where Buddhism teaches about detachment?

Gary Pikovsky says:

This is a terrible video. Narrator is even worse.

tick tommy says:

poor living standard or feudal system is better then a liberation with bad intention..china;s liberation is mao;s bad intention…thats why tibet crises remains a problam now..

Yee Phe Wong says:

Tibet now is free.

Paz peace says:

Tíbet free

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