“Thor: Ragnarok” Official Trailer

“Thor: Ragnarok” Official Trailer

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Axel 0610 says:

nice there is fenrir but no jormungandr

Jovem Player says:

Thor Ragnarok : Wrong Number

김대표 says:

ㅈ되네 ㄷㄷ 룬킹 토르냐? 오딘포스 토르냐?

The Herobrinenyan says:

I know THIS trailer doesn't use Led Zeppelin, but everything about this IS the embodiment of Led Zeppelin.

Jordan Ohagan says:

Hulk can talk now. Highlight of the whole trailer.

COWMAN /TheCowYouWishYouWere says:

Looks badass

YourFriendBat says:

I don't care about thors BADASS electric avatar thing OR about talking hulk OR about hela being a pain in the ass all I care about is THOR AND LOKI TOGETHER WREKING SHIT

Mandeep Singh Mandeep Singh says:

love u marvel🙂

Wag Ban Yas says:


RachelWyse says:

Looks like we'll be seeing more of Bruce banner instead of mainly hulk, which I am stoked about 👌🏼

Tevart says:

😫😫😫 perfect. I can't wait much longer.

Micah Sher says:

I saw infinity stone!!!!! 0:54.

Nick Llanton says:

Stranger Things- Halloween
Thor- Nov 8
Star Wars- Xmas

It's gonna be a great end to 2017!

Aamirsohel Burma says:

😱😱😱😱Superb 👍👍👍

Ignacio Guerrero says:


Xavier Mack-Inverdale says:


gavin suhan says:

Loki dies in this movie 🙈

bucklakelukie says:


Samir Homan says:

Is that Fenrir that Hulk is fighting?!

Tugung Ariputra says:

So the theres no confirmation yet the Dr.Strange shown up?

varun shah says:

Holy shit!!Executioner, hela, serter and thor's ultimate form!! This movie is gonna be awesomeee!!

Goldy Mann says:

Ooo great they waited for DC TO LAUNCH THEIR TRAILER FIRST For 6 hours

ethinee - says:

Loki the God of Hotness

noonooshK says:

I was soooo worried Loki wouldn't be in it!!! ❤️
Heck yeah! Im watching it if he's in it. I hope he won't die though.

Godson - Clash Gaming says:

If hulk can't remember fighting Thor, it's mind control like the animated series

Dominic Retana says:

magic sword "in the face of evil"

XxlaraCrof7xX says:

So… are they including the fact Hel and Fenrir is Loki's children or… is that completely non-existent?

Adolf Hitler says:

They would never take me on

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