There’s an Ancient City Under Mexico City! — Mexico Travel Vlog #19

There’s an Ancient City Under Mexico City! — Mexico Travel Vlog #19

Templo Mayor is a museum, ancient temple, and the birthplace of Mexico City. Let’s check it out!

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► #1 We’re Moving to Mexico!

► #2 First Impressions of Mexico City

► #3 $800 Sunglasses in Mexico City

► #4 My Cold Day Meal in Mexico City

► #5 Best Tacos in Mexico City?

► #6 Gringos Try Vegan Mexican Food For The First Time

► #7 Why I Love Mexico City

► #8 Is the World’s Best Museum in Mexico City?

► #9 Is this Mexico’s Most Beautiful Town?

► #10 Finding Peace in the Hills of Mexico

As always, I’m Dan from The New Travel. Thanks for watching!


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The New Travel says:

I still can't believe the Spanish built a city on top of the Aztec city and eventually people forgot it was there…. I mean I lose my house keys all the time, but how do you lose a city?

José Mercado says:

I love ur videos broh. Wish I was there in México.

Izack del villar says:

México is great

Mateo Cuarón says:

Ñooooom Paella


My husband's cousing is going to be here (CDMX) for the weekend so we will be visiting all the places you have shown in your videos, I really hope I can see you walking in the street or maybe in Xochimilco in a trajinera. If you are going to downtown again and want to try a really good restaurant, a little fancier, you should try "Limosneros", just try the 5 dishes menu or try a "concha con nata" in "El Cardenal". Oh and maybe you can enjoy some mariachis and tequila in "El Tenampa" in Garibaldi or in "La Coyoacana" in Coyoacan

James Colosio says:

You should visit Lomas de Chapultepec and San Angel my favorite neighborhoods in Mexico City

Nitin Noel says:

Awesome video

Anthony Aguilar Bueno says:

Many sources suggest that Templo Mayor could have a 60 meters height.

Santiago Ruiz de Chávez Martínez says:

I really hope I can meet you guys one day when I'm out in the streets of Mexico City xD. I enjoy your videos a lot!! And well, the thing about the security guard taking the bottle from you may have to do with the fact that a lot of people litter and they're trying to stop that from happening 🙂

Jaz González says:

I really love your videos. I’m Mexican and actually I still learn a lot from u. Thanks a lot for showing us this beautiful country trough your eyes.

carriebtc says:

After receiving the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize, Madame Rigoberta Menchu decided to leave her Gold Medal and the Pergaminum of the award in the care of Mexico City's Templo Mayor Museum. At the time its safety and upkeep could not be guaranteed in her native Guatemala, due to the existing corruption and war. The guatemalan civl war has been over for some years and the awards are still in Mexico. Happy Travelings. Cheers. Here's the story:

Darinka barrera Pelayo says:

go to Teotihuacan friend!

Zulma Z says:

Mexico City is built on top.Now imagine what happens to all of those archealogical factors other contries come and take them like if they were theirs- including Italy who took the original crown of feathers of an aztec and does not want to return it to Mexico, so Mexico made a replica and you can find it at the museum of archeologia.visit Technotitlan or xochimilco

Rob's Quest says:

I know the central place from James Bond, haha looks epic with the giant mexican flag. I like how lively MXC is. Super interesting – they recently found a huge areal of ruins in Guatemala as well, which I think is now the biggest ever discovered mayan area ? not 100 % sure. I love this historic lesson! Sorry, my spanish is limited to una cerveza por favor and cuál es tu número de teléfono … hahaha

Melissa Sanchez says:

You were right 9:13

Luz Vilchis says:

México is a beautiful Country.

jas cosette says:

And a Nobel peace prize it has been awarded to those who have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.

Elisa Beltrán Sánchez says:

Where are your blue sunglasses? 😎 interesting video.
If you liked this place go to Plaza de las 3 Culturas in Tlatelolco but first read about it a little to apreciate the place with all the readings about .

jas cosette says:

I always love how well informed you are about the facts. Thank you for being so interested in our culture and make the rest of your subscribers know a little of our history.

The New Travel says:

Early in this video I made a mistake and called it "Temple de Mayor"… of course the correct name is Templo Mayor".

Also, today's song is "rip phife" by S i M, featuring lyrics by phife dawg

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