There’s a Real Castle in Mexico City! — Mexico Travel Vlog #12

There’s a Real Castle in Mexico City! — Mexico Travel Vlog #12

Today we visit Mexico City’s Castillo de Chapultepec, the only royal castle in all of the Americas!

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Chapultepec Castle (in Spanish: Castillo de Chapultepec) is the only real royal castle in all of the Americas. Built during colonial Spanish times, it is on a hill in Chapultepec Park, a sacred part of Mexico City going back to Aztec times. Today, it is one of the largest city parks in the Western Hemisphere.



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Gerardo Jáuregui says:

You just visited the Imperial Palace (I know is a castle but durig the 2nd Empire served as official home for the Emperor, so it was remodeled to be a Palace) that was home of H.M. Maximiliano I of Mexico, Emperor during the short 2nd Empire of Mexico from 1864 to 1867. Then it was home to Presidents when the Republic was reinstalled. Some think that a Constitutional Monarchy would’ve been much more benefic to Mexico than the Republic, I think that too.

SillyLion says:

Your friend Jess, she got instagram?

Vic M says:

Cool video and you're a cool person

remyqro says:

Aliviánate pinche Boris!!!

Alan Camps says:

Get well Boris… Is Boris in russian? hahahahaha i named one of my turtles when i was 14 like that… "Boris" it was the biggest of of two i had

Daniel Cavazos says:

I loved that Mon Laferte's music was in the background

Freddy Saaga says:

The Chapultepec Castle Is the only one Royal Castle in this continent which was built for the Emperor Maximiliano of Abzbourg & his wife Carlote both from Austria.

Freddy Saaga says:

Hey well Boris & this another amazing video oficial yours keep it up! New suscriber here!

Carlos Sánchez says:

The statue you saw after loosing Victor is José Maria Morelos y Pavón. He was one of the fighters during the independence of Mexico. He lead the independence movement after Miguel Hidalgo, the priest who started it, was executed. He is also known for establishing the initial ideas that shaped the country: like abolishing slavery, law applied to everyone without privileges, division of power, etc. Google "Sentimientos de la nación" if you are interested in them.

Mi Gerry says:

Actually during the Mexican American war, there is a legend that says that a kid defending Mexico threw himself with the Mexican Flag from the top of the castle

Víctor Manuel Enciso Padrón says:

hola alguien que me enseñe ingles, me gustan sus videos pero no les entiendo 🙁

DFrockcity says:

As a Mexico City inhabitant I want to appear in one of your videos too lol.

zar Zeigeist says:

Your friend Jess is very cute. Get Well Boris

S A D B O Y 슬픈 소년 says:

Get boris Well

Manuel Ortega says:

Get better Boris and hope next time you can visit the castle because it's one of the nicest place in all Mexico city

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