The Water Canals Of Mexico City (Xochimilco) – Travel Couple VLOG #329

The Water Canals Of Mexico City (Xochimilco) – Travel Couple VLOG #329

Josh and Ashley visit Xochimilco water canals in Mexico city.

The Way Away is Josh and Ashley Brown, husband and wife world travelers. Our mission is to bring the world closer by showing the uniqueness of our cultures and promoting unity around the world. Subscribe to our channel to watch our daily travel vlogs.

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fleiva30 says:

Pulque is delicious specially when its a little strong on alcohol…ahhhh

Río Obsidiana says:

Hi! I,m glad you had a great time in Xochimilco! I wanna know your thoughts about the second and third piso (the elevated highways around the city)… did you expected it, what do you think of it?

Suggestion: go to the (mirador) skyview at the top of the Skycraper Torre Latinoamericana! And after that to the one in the Monumento A La Revolución! The views are amazing!

salatapi says:

As a Mexican I've never tried pulque and now I'll be thinking about baby diapers when I get to taste it HAHA

Mehmet Sendur says:

Ashley's face makes me happy everytime.

PixarFreak says:

What's the story behind the names on the boats?

don hezca says:

chica and pepe back nice when you all together!

saeideh rad says:

what a cheerful place

Dorena Wow says:

ashley have the most beautiful and natural smile I've ever seen, josh lucky bastard =)
greetings from istanbul guyz, we love u <3

Juan Gallardo says:

No Doll island?

Ricardo Martinez says:

I"d wish you meet a russian YouTuber ( Ale Ivanova) who lives in CDMX and one of the most popular You Tubers in Mexico She's just got back home from a long trip Moscow, Russia & Acapulco She is a very fun person Keep those videos coming

Janice Pestana says:

Love this episode!

Sivri Zeka says:

We love you. But you for now shouldn't come to Turkey . Protests are increasing against the referendum. (Sorry for my english 😀 [translate] )

The Backpackers Ltd. says:

wow good one, liked it. Cheers!

ok computer says:

im gonna learn english for just watching you.

canımsınız <3

yok mu türkçe altyazı ekleyecek insan evladı 😀

Israel Llanas says:

6:04 min poor dog =( it's like watching all the dirty, I'm Mexican born and raised in Monterrey Mexico, and i don't find attractive go to Xochimilco, seems to be dirty and i think will smell the same.

And a vendor and a mariachi everywhere you look around must be annoying, it's like when you go to the beach and a Banda comes up, oh man irritating.

John Doe says:

Turkish subtitle ?

Monica Daley says:

I really enjoyed this video. It all looks amazing!

platinumUser7 says:

Don't worry guys, the mexican "x" is confusing for mexicans too

Berk Osman ŞATIROĞLU says:

Merhaba always smile friends.

surrwyxalos says:

buena ondaaaaa ?? mexico es muy hermosa ❤

Alejandro Moran says:

muy divertido su vídeo.

The NYC Couple says:

I loved grilled corn on a stick with seasoning!! Especially with mayo! And we love meeting up with other Youtubers as well… only they can understand the "grind" and trying to document every meaningful event – love/hate 🙂 -Mark

recabus says:

the day i finished highschool i went with my friends to Xohimilco, damn, we sank one of the trajineras in the middle of the water lol, worst place to swim ever, specially drunk

Silvia Ponce says:

Great video!

U-tube fun4u says:

i like it,checkout my channel…

Sahar Faqiri says:

Hi sweety ?

joar bratland says:

Beer and a cruise with colorful boats, that looks like time well spent.

kargokranemex says:

Hi WAY AWAY. I love all of u vids. I'm suscribe. ? & like. ?

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