The Ultimate Sports Challenge!!! (ft. Rusty)

The Ultimate Sports Challenge!!! (ft. Rusty)

An epic free-for-all sports competition. Me versus three of my buddies that I’ve known since grade school. We face-off in multiple sports including fishing, basketball, tennis, mini-golf, texas hold’em, and ping-pong. Whoever racks up the most points earns the ultimate bragging rights!!!

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Camera Gear:
Sony a5100
Portable Tripod

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Final Cut Pro X


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Daniel Gonzalez says:

nice video keep It Up

Hunter Jones says:

Tender is a gay app

Slippery Trout Fishing says:

why the moans in the ping pong, just why

Elijah Still says:

Close your eyes from 2:47 to 2:57

MambaMixtapes says:

When you were playing ping pong it sounded like 2 men having anal

People Onearth says:

I cringed so bad at the end….

Damian Garedea says:

dude perfect???

Brendan Raciak says:

Rusty van dam/ rob van dam wwe

My name is Gf says:

The noises when they were playing ping pong tho

DunkinDonuts90 says:

Dude perfect they wish

Maria Aguilar says:

It looks like Dude Perfect only with 4 players

Kyle Cross says:

Can you anglers… "1Rod 1Reel" or "The Googan Squad" please quit with the "Dude Perfect" formula and come up with your own ideas, so stupid. I thought you would be better than that? I'm a big fan across board but come up with your own "original" ideas!

Ace McCartney says:

3:15 is a gay porno

Krypt Shard says:

these noises during ping pong

Bazacka Jim says:

It's sucks so bad there's nowhere near me where u can fish and actually do good

Clutch Replays says:

Mike just got the losing side of the ping pong table, I call rematch!

Gavin Kaschalk says:

Irod1reel fishing can you come to Dubois Pennsylvania and fish here. A lot of great spots here to fish. Hit me up and we'll go from there

Desh R says:

That RVD kid is that awkward kid in your gym class that was always on the good team but never did anything and made sure to brag about it

Zach Qualls says:

Dude perfect wanna be's

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