The Sounds of Travelling Well

The Sounds of Travelling Well

When we travel well, the world unfolds. Not only before our eyes, but all our senses. Through sound, memories and feelings can be just as strongly evoked.

To celebrate the seamless experience travellers enjoy with Cathay Dragon and Cathay Pacific, we went on an international journey to record thousands of audio moments. We then crafted these sounds into one harmonious blend of rhythm and melody. All inspired by the spirit of travelling well.

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zalina darman says:

fav sound ever: ambience at the klia😚❤❤


Absolutely love the soundtrack! Rather innovative. And it sure evokes great memories of travelling! Looking forward to my next journey overseas.

Palani A.Subramaniam says:

the first 24 secs were good

bryan fam says:

Insurgent movie

puteraasyiq says:

Freedom, Adventure and Journey

Ifly 777 says:

KLIA. The great chimes

EXO -L says:

Can I know how to vote in billboard pls comment down here

Ta Cos says:

0:35 who took the video

Muhammad Amir Saufi says:

I love klia

SAW HUI LENG - says:


Mohamed Daniel says:

This song is good doe

Nadez Gaming says:

wow…this song make me relax!!Please make some more!!

The Beautiful Sunshine says:

thx for using Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

Zila Yanti saja says:

Kisah haji ular

Zila Yanti saja says:

Anak membunuh Ibuk jadi ular

Sarmi Raman says:

Pik bos oviyah

Y.Yieng Tiong says:


Zila Yanti saja says:

Manusia ular

Traveller says:

Very cool video for those of us who enjoy the sounds of the journey! A good watch!!

uPuru pKattel says:

i feel like 😀

chit aung says:

Iagu. Malaysia

Syed Amirul says:

the worst dj ever…

Thaigarajan tigerm3 says:

Man, u guys have to add the klia express announcement too inside the soundtrack.. "stesen seterusnya"

Yul Yul says:

freedom attention charlie ?

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