The SECRET To Becoming A Travel FILMMAKER

The SECRET To Becoming A Travel FILMMAKER

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In this episode we talk about the secret to becoming a travel filmmaker and really thats just to enjoy the process. Sometimes we get way too caught up in the destination we forget to enjoy the process. Learn to enjoy that and you will definitely becoming an amazing filmmaker.



TravelFeels says:

Tips on enjoying the process! Go!

Collin Huneke says:

Wow just discovered your channel with this video, you are amazing! Thank you for the advice, it really helped, I just started getting into filming, keep killing it with the videos!

Maxim Privalikhin says:

Thank u man!

James Netska says:

great video dude!

Danielle Rose says:

I desperately needed to hear this thank you. BTW I'm a new subscriber and I am already loving your channel. Again thank you for reminding me to enjoy the process. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos.

UnproPhotography says:

You now have one more subscriber because you are amazing!!! I will watch your videos so I can improve mine! If anyone interested in some photography in Chile, please pass by my channel!

Huy Quang Nguyễn says:

I am one of your ~43k subcribers and this video is my favourite from your channel. Thank you!

Cinematography Database says:

Legit advice!

Amin ElBekry says:

You are completely right! We never reach our destination, its a never ending journey so the most important thing, not just for us film makers but for everybody in any profession is to enjoy what you are doing day in day out!

alexdang says:

such an inspiring message. not just for filmmaking 🙂 so good. thank you!!

Nghiep Tran says:

Thank you very much!!!! Try and try anymore…

Jacek Wolny says:

At the end im just smiling, let's take some pictures 😉

The Hippogriff says:

thank you for sharing your amazing perspective 🙂

Saleh Benaissa says:

Learn-Make-Repeat <3

MockingBird Ex says:

Thanks for the wake up call.

EthanFernandes says:

This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you very much

Dennis Skyum says:

Theology?! Color me surprised!

Simon Srečković says:

use your steadicam for your head 😀 nice videos btw 😀

Ryan Withers says:

Very cool!!! Thanks

Tobi Schnorpfeil Filmmaker says:

Your advice is on point! For sure I made the same mistake 😀

neeraj kangar says:

Thanks bro for revealing the Top SECRET to us

Cojo says:

This helped a lot, Thanks!

Syeed Ahmed says:

thank you so much…
I think this video gonna help me a lot

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