The Secret of Dating Culture in Iran

The Secret of Dating Culture in Iran

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beachboy boobybuilder says:

Iranian women are very pretty but you are not doing them any favours if you portray them as whores. That aside, you tweaked my interest when you stated 'when was the last time you shared a beer with an Iranian?'. Last time I checked, they were supposed to be muslim (unless shia clerics have allowed alcohol).

thangstheking says:

in the end we all human and we like sex.

Wildlands 1 says:

I wanted to watch the entire clip but your stupid music made it unbearable. Dude, what were you thinking?

ripperduck says:

man, this vid touched some nerves. i'm american and have dated persian women in the united states. i can say that they are among the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, of any of the women i've dated. no problem with sex, after a few dates, they wanted and expected it to happen. if there is any after affect from their parents leaving iran, that wasn't the case for the first generation of women born in america. and no, they're not whores, they were very intelligent, funny and sexy as hell females….

Fred Schwentafsky says:

Rubbish they are normal and have a huge culture not like the fucking west.

Fred Schwentafsky says:

Viva Iran we love u from nicaragua.

me eskh says:

im iranian
this video is just a bullshit and far away from reality
in iran we havent such a Dating Culture like west!!
all of information on this video also is not correct

mhnasim says:

As usual youtuber. It is fake story!

aaron porto says:

The whole of Iran is whore House. No argue with me as I may offend you badly. 👍

United Manchesteryan says:

"Oh ya but the "spaniard" agreed
so all of it MUST be true, what a fucking joke… you expect people to take this vid seriously ? lol

sogand or says:

isnt this video a little old?!:/

vshah1010 says:

Why no audio? People usually prefer to listen to audio than to read words on a screen.


Don't forget Iran is predominantly Sheya. And Sheyas are much more liberal minded than Sunnis. And they don't go around bombing and beheading innocents !!

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