The Reasons Why TWICE Jihyo Is JYP Entertainment Shining Star

The Reasons Why TWICE Jihyo Is JYP Entertainment Shining Star

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Sabrina M says:

Ah my sweet Jihyo <3 Donut let the hate get to chu because you will make it all the way to the top 🙂

You are beautiful
a leader
a great singer
and most inportantly, a kind and warm human being

Noah Tran says:

she's cute, she's pretty, she's fuckin perfect to me

pastael twice says:

of course, she park jisoo a.k.a God Jihyo✨ she's always the #1 for us❤

nur aini says:

ji hyo fighting 😘

Kit Dicen says:

Simple because JIHYO is JIHYO ^-^😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😇😇

Jazmin Calderon says:

jihyo my life❤
jihyo is pretty❤
the best❤
jihyo is my bias❤
! love you jihyo ¡❤

Jazmin Calderon says:

the best❤
jihyo is so cute

Lauren JaureguiandJihyoAre the Queens of meme says:

jihyo my life <3

GrenchTM says:

1. she can actually sing

2. she's a total visual

3. she has a great personality

Smol Chaengster says:

thanks you for the 12 years of hard work, and the 20 years of your wonderful existence 😙😙

Smol Chaengster says:

She does everthing a leader can possibly do. The best leader there is. So proud of her to be the one leading this generation's Nation's Girl Group. Jihyo hwaiting!!

Mayuyu_Yukirin Granger says:

jihyo 😍😍

disney forever says:

i love you jihyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phawange Arts says:


Génesis V. says:

The best♡

K Cassandra Martinez says:

Only God Jihyo, one of the best leaders there it <3

Star Cookie says:

I can say the reason:
'cause she is JIHYO <3

Ruth Yang says:

Jihyo fighting and Twice

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