The Most Embarrassing Moments in Sports History

The Most Embarrassing Moments in Sports History

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Savage Brick Sports says:

1000 likes for a part 2

Andrew Brunelle says:

Steve Lyons pulling his pants down is legendary in baseball lore. He wasn't much of a player, but did a pretty good job as a color commentator for quite awhile. I guess that's where he got his nickname, "Psycho."

Cesar Dainezi says:

Damn, I feel so bad for the lady on the last clip. 🙁

Kenneth Busler says:

12:45 that awkward moment when you reach puberty while announcing a football game

Chris Benoit's Daycare says:

Soccer isn't a real sport.

Treyale 425 says:

Butt fumble!

Andreas VanDiest says:

Have you lost your virginity yet?

Jack Bradford says:

I liked the vid but you forgot the butt fumble by the jets

s1r_magnus says:

You clearly forgot Garo Yepremian's "pass attempt" in the Super Bowl against the Redskins. Easily the biggest fail Ive ever seen.

CJiZL33T says:

9:20 what did he just call me?

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