The Greatest Athlete No One Talks About! All American in 3 Sports!

The Greatest Athlete No One Talks About! All American in 3 Sports!

In today’s video we discuss the unbelievable athlete Danny Ainge was and how he has transitioned into being on of the NBA’s best GM’s. I’m not sure why, but not many people talk about Ainge’s accomplishments. We love to talk about guys like Bo Jackson, Allen Iverson, Nate Robinson, Dion Sanders and many others for their multi-sport accomplishments but never Danny Ainge. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Richard Philogene says:

I live in Boston so I hear about him all the time

Kay Money says:

damn make me wanna be a multi sport athlete

Cole Parsley says:

This dude look like David dobrek

Jameson says:

We all know Lebron in football would be instant GOAT

Justice B says:

Never heard of her

Adam says:

How do u only have 150k.. u videos are straight fire and well put together

Quintinn says:

Jim Thorpe was all american is 4 sports. Just saying

BDCSnipes says:

Jxmy I love your vids but did you just say Blue Rays? 😂😂 Great vid as always fam!

Immortal Vegan says:

Danny Ainge was dumb sexy back in the day full homo unapologetically

Bobby Elliott says:

Another great video jimmy! Keep em comin'

Zack Fade says:

Subscribe to me and my cousin channel abdi & Mohamed basketball logo

Jamil Hernandez says:

How do you edit

EDIT:I founded out how

Ronan McIntyre says:

This video honestly dope. I didn't even know Danny was from my state

Ryan B says:

How tf this nigga already 150k, he was at 2k when I started watching, he should be at 1 mil rn smh

Jingle Joe says:

Danny Ainge is truly a winner all his life. In Ainge We Trust

Miguel Toretto says:

lol Blue Rays Contract 😂 It's Blue Jays

SuperBigben28 says:

Dave Winfield?

high AL says:

Go ducks, final four again and finally a black head coach for football

car life says:

Can you do draymond green! Not alot of people really know his history ti the NBA. From 2nd round puck to all star

Donte Moore says:

that trap sax is beautiful 😭 gets better every time i hear it

Hoi Hoi says:

Everyone knows who Danny Ainge is

Olajugoat says:

The greatest multi sport athlete is John Havlicek

Lagus says:

ur voice is hot

Lagus says:

what beat is in the backround

Juiceman 30 says:

"What's up everybody its Jixmi" Beats Drops

Greatest Intro ever!!!!

Chief J says:

I don't think jxmy knows who Jim Thorpe is

Alejandro Ramirez says:

You should play cashnasty 1 on 1 in basketball

Brady Simmons says:

please change the background music, it's been the same fir forever and i'm gonna stop watching the vids cause they all the same fr

1010fishing says:

at 2:08 he says blue Ray's not blue jays

Ariel Martinez says:

Hey you should do a video of the rise and fall of Josh Hamilton.

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