The Gifted – Coming to Fox This Fall

The Gifted – Coming to Fox This Fall

What tore them apart will bring them together. Watch the trailer for “The Gifted,” coming this Fall to Fox.


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Felipe Saavedra says:

reminded me a little of the spanish series "Los Protegidos"

rodney adams says:

sentales and control colors all in one kinda looks like spiders ?

John Paul Gosnay says:

You know, if it wasn't for Heroes being so popular I believe none of this would've ever started

DerektheDalek says:

Is Polaris still Magneto's child in this or has that changed?

Wolverine Bean says:

YESSSS. I could write this better but chilll

Tʜᴇ Pʜɪʟᴏsᴏᴘʜᴇʀ says:

Still waiting on The Punisher's show.

dying for a trailer. ?

Axdyn417 says:

This gives me the vibe of a bad fanfic that went too far and was made into a TV show. =-=

Darceus says:

Oh crap this looks good!!!

Steven O'Neill says:

Anyone know the song that plays briefly at the end?

Ángel Hernández says:

The Tomorrow People
No Ordinary Family
Heroes Reborn

I get it. Telekinesis is cheaper.

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