Some rules in sports make a lot of sense. But these rule are so dumb they cause you to lose IQ points. Sports covered in this video: MLB, NHL, NFL, PGA, NBA. Can we get 10000000 likes? Thanks to UrinatingTree for letting me use his Steelers rant. Find him here:

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Richard B says:

Steelers not getting that TD vs the Pats is the most triggering thats happened all year

Meowmers McBiscuit says:

IT WAS A FUCKING TOUCHDOWN. His feet were on the ground, then his ass was on the ground. I don't care about the Lions but that call will never Not infuriate me.

Omga XX Kyrie says:

Calvin Johnson rule should stay

Penroy Moonbeam says:

Yes. Yes. Fuck the Cowboys.

Zach Stevens says:

top 5 most over paid for nothing they did afterwards players in pro sports. 🙂

Zach Stevens says:

wow… just alienating your fan base more and more when you hate on teams like the cowboys openly… I got the joke and don't care much, but it was a catch td and they got robbed a playoff win. I care for justice and truth and peace. 🙂

Zach Stevens says:

lol! a minute long reading of the nfl explanation of a catch?! wow… what a joke… my 3 year old knows what a catch is and isn't… did the ball keep going in its thrown flight or did it stop at all and secured by a hand or 2 and not touch the ground…. did it get caught by a hand or not? lol! what a dumb rule… nice making fun of it all 😉

JamesBCrazy says:

5. You confuse technical fouls for flagrant fouls. They are two completely different things.
4. Has been fixed, as you mentioned.
3. The case you gave was fixed by a rules patch not long after it happened.
2. Has been partially fixed, as you mentioned. It's now an additional two-stroke penalty.
1. If many of those so-called "catches" happened between the goal lines, they would be fumbles and no one wants that.

Anthony In Orange says:


Harvey Bailey says:

I love it when you said fuck the cowboys bc I'm a Giants fan too and that's funny, also when you going to do the sec I want to be triggered.

Patrick Lenehan says:

Fuck you Buster!

Benjamin McFadden says:

fuck you too then, how are them giants doing again? oh yeah, two wins right.

Gnarly G says:

Fuck you Spanos

Chris Watson says:

Hehe! ‘What is this fuckin debauchery?!’

jimbo 2346 says:

Looking at #3, if it takes that many words to describe a rule, it's probably a terrible rule. It also explains why catches in the NFL are fucked up now.

only1option says:

"…cuz fuck the cowboys" well played. i also hate the jerryjonesboys.



OcpCommunications says:

Here's a rule for you. The Superstar Rule. This normally applies to the NBA but can apply to any professional sport. Where superstar players get superstar calls and can flop, travel, or downright mug other players on other teams with no consequences whatsoever. While other players who are not superstars get called for touch fouls, or get downright penalized for even being in the same vicinity as the stars. I.E. Tom Brady and Roughing The Passer calls vs. Dak Prescott getting repeatedly hit in the head this season, or anytime LeBron James takes fifty steps to the rim and gets lightly tapped on the arm and gets an and 1. Or any game featuring James Harden. Or the 2002 Western Conference finals.

Conner Attebery says:

Yeah, Fuck you Posey

Jesse Henderson says:

Alright I'm a college golfer so I'm gonna explain the the significance of signing a scorecard. Golf is a game of integrity and signing the card signifies you witnessed your opponent take all of those strokes and no penalties were assessed that they might have missed. The signing acknowledges that the scores are right and you sign off on that player being allowed to have that score for the round. If you really wanted a dumb rule in golf you should have picked fans calling in while watching TV to tell rules officials of a possible penalty made by a player. Lexi Thompson losing a major because a fan called in about a missed rules infraction from the day before. They've finally outlawed it but there's your dumb rule not the signing. Btw golf takes more skill than any other sport so give it some more respect.

DankLorde says:

well fuck you too then

DAK4Blizzard says:

4:23 — The catcher even had the damn ball by the time the runner was still 5+ feet away. The rule is fair. The call was stupid with respect to the rule. Also, fuck surviving the ground. If you have control of the football with 2 feet in-bounds and either go down or out of bounds, it should be complete. It shouldn't affect whether the pass is completed if you lose control after that point. And I say that as a DC/Baltimore fan who hates both the Cowboys and the Steelers! Let them have their completions and the Ravens and Skins will have theirs.

TreWhite says:

I understand most of the catch calls. The rule is bullshit, but the calls follow the bullshit rules. Kelvin Benjamin’s catch call completely broke the nfls replay rules. Call me biased and tell me it didn’t affect the outcome all u want, it was a wrong call and that’s a problem

Brian Bilski says:

THAT rule cost MY STEELERS home field advantage in the playoffs this year

OGMayorMcCheese says:

Best rule changes in sports? Great vid as always btw

Nicky9nore says:

8:53 Haha, UrinatingTree

(Edit: is the video. Clip is from 7 minutes 27 seconds)

Stringer Bell says:

Nah BRUH. Offside is Offside. You weak as fuck for that NHL rule.

frenchfrey65 says:

Btw, here's my take on really DUMB rules, mostly involving the NFL

1. In order to host a Super Bowl, the stadium, in addition to either being a dome or in the south, must now be either NEW OR HAVE A MAJOR UPGRADE! This leads to owners gaining an incentive on bullshitting taxpayers over stadiums, and it's costing everyone big. Plus they've ironically broken the rule when they hosted the Super Bowl at Metlife because it was NEW instead of it being a Dome or in the South. It should be back to the old rule of being fair weather/dome, having a new stadium/upgrade should be ENTIRELY optional instead of a keeping up with the Jones's tactic. Owners should also have to pay for at least 90% of their stadiums minimum, if you can't afford to build a new stadium, then sell it to someone who will!
2. The Kick Off change, those added yards on the kick off is only making kick offs worse, these are NFL kickers who have the power to get touch backs on their own if they so choose or muscle up, I get they want safety, but even with the change players still get hurt when kickoffs are ran back, that's the nature of the game sadly, I would understand this rule in College/High School because those are unpaid athletes, but this is the NFL where we're seeing more kickers kick 60 yard field goals than ever before, plus you got the fucking Patriots circumventing the rule by doing high angle kicks to which the hang time is so long that the kick off team is already there to make the tackle preventing any sort of return (high angle kicks also almost never lead to touch backs). If the kick offs were back to their original position, teams wouldn't do high angle kicks and touchbacks would be more legit and we're back to having actual field position and having more kick offs for TD's chances!
3. The current targeting rule, the NFL is actually looking to change this as over 400 players are on the IR this year, and helmet to helmet contact is worse than ever. Punishment needs to be stricter, there is no place for that anymore knowing full well what it does to your head!
4. Offseason order, I REALLY wish the offseason ran like it does in Madden 06, you first have your retired players, then you have restricted free agency, the combine should be IMMEDIATELY after the Super Bowl while the stadium is still set up and everything (or at the very least put it at a designated place where players can easily go to every year, like that football academy in Florida) for your rookie scouting. Then you have the NFL draft SOONER instead of during finals in April/May, as well as re-signing players. The last thing every offseason after all that's said and done, is Free Agency, if your team didn't find the right players through the draft/restricted FA/trades, THEN you sign Free Agents instead of risking it BEFORE the draft so you don't pull a Bears and sign Glennon, Sanchez, and then Draft TRUBISKY!
5. Cleats rules, I can understand not wanting solid gold cleats as that's just plain arrogance, but when players want to tribute fallen comrades, good people, or just support people that have been affected by disasters (IE. 9-11), LET THEM! This is also an ironic rule considering Colin K was not punished for wearing Pig Socks, so if we're going to play double standards, then just get rid of the rule so there are no double standards. If players want to protest, they can finally do it with cleats instead of sitting the anthem at least :P.

frenchfrey65 says:


Bennett Veith says:

Dez dropped it

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