The BIGGEST SCUMBAG In Sports Who’s STILL Coaching!

The BIGGEST SCUMBAG In Sports Who’s STILL Coaching!

Bobby Petrino is a piece of trash.. and it is sad to see he can get job after job with his track record.

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Oreo says:

Hey KTO, could you do if Ryan Leaf and Payton Manning switched teams? (Leaf to Colts and Manning to Chargers).

fiber399 says:

What if the Bears never traded Greg Olsen?

D K says:

How about Buddy Stevens?

Gar Nunce says:

people from the state of Arkansas are fuck backward hick dumbshits.
i hate the asshole people from Arkansas.

MrAtlfan21 says:

As a Falcons fan I hate that guy

Daniel Suave says:

Him getting fired ruined the Razorbacks and we still haven't gotten over it. We were a BCS team when we got rid of him.

Bryce Betsch says:

He's trash

That dude Brandon says:

Btw some people piss me off. I'm told all the time im a scumbag for not switching to a different team (I'm a Louisville fan)

That dude Brandon says:

I'm a die hard Louisville fan so don't hate the school hate the guy

Cuckosaurus Sex says:

Great video.

Sugar Shaine says:

Brutal absolutely brutal, I still haven't forgot about this guy.

adam barbe says:

Sick vid as always

Jason Young says:

lol Bobby is a joke but as long as u win ppl will look the other way even if ur a snake and everything u do u dont want ur kid around its sad

Bond Jacobs says:

It's not a surprise that he coaches at Louisville. I trash coach for a trash school

Cooper Moore says:

pitino just as bad

N B says:

Great video. But you're totally wrong Rick Patino the other Louisville coach is the biggest scumbag in sports.

Josh Collins says:

Who cares if he entertained other jobs? That's all apart of the business to work the system and get more money. All coaches do it


KTO Please do video on HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL STARS WHO TURNED OUT TO BE BUST like Robie Zach or Greg Hoyle from Ocean City, Nj Zach was scouted and got full ride to D1 turned out huge bust Hoyle caught a case while in high school forced him go drop out do to details when it was rumored list of D1 colleges wanted him please such a good story.

Jerod Powell says:

I'm an Arkansas native. Yeah he really screwed us over. Never knew what kind of a person he was other than that he made our team above average, but then that affair fiasco happened and now were stuck with a football program that will never break the top 10 in the nation. The athletic director gave him a chance to come clean with the whole thing but Petrino never answered his calls. One of very many hard days to be a razorback fan.

Bleach 101 says:

Hey do one "what if marshawn lynch never went to the Seahawks and stayed on the bills?"

ChippinAway says:

Love the video bro. Check out this twitch clip I think you'd enjoy it!!

Jace Presley says:

I'm a huge arkansas fan and im from arkansas. when he was at arkansas he was such a good coach and everyone loved him. it sucked when he left. hes still a great coach

Joe Marlin says:

Man fuck Petrino he fucked up Tyler Wilson's career in college

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