‘The Bachelorette: Roses & Rose’: Who Survives Hometown Dates?! Bryan, Dean, Eric, or Peter?

‘The Bachelorette: Roses & Rose’: Who Survives Hometown Dates?! Bryan, Dean, Eric, or Peter?

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Today Lauren Zima walks you through each of the ‘Bachelorette’ Hometown dates, including who DOESN’T say ‘I love you!’ Who will win Rachel’s heart? Who will be the NEXT Bachelor? Will it be Bryan, Dean, Eric, or Peter? All today on ‘Roses and Rose’!



Brooke Maree says:

Some of you guys are being way to hard on Peter for not opening up when that is exactly what rachel did on nicks season. You all are criticizing him about how he should be opening up faster when he's just being realistic. You should not criticize someone who you don't know anything about them personally, you should also never judge someone's pace for falling in love. If he were to be the next bachelor it's doesn't mean he wouldn't or couldn't fall in love with someone there, maybe it just not meant to be for him and rachel.

Ace 1o7 says:

I'm torn with this final 3!!! Should Dean be the Bachelor? He is sweet and nice and can commit, he will treasure this experience more than Peter. All those women are wasted on Peter.

Love2Dance says:

Thanks for another great recap Lauren. I so look forward to these.

Maria Delaghetto says:

what if the big twist of this season is that Rachel ends up choosing Chris Harrison? Where's he been that's all I'm saying sips tea

Naomi Nguyen says:

Your recaps give me life! 💜 And wow, was that an intense episode! Can't believe the season is almost over! 😭

Adrianna Fraser says:

Are we just not going to talk about what a hot mess Rachel's makeup was in the rose ceremony. I was cringing. They looked like they wanted to do a wild thoughts Rihanna inspired makeup but they ended up with Christmas gone wrong. It's was horrendous and Ik any makeup enthusiast or MUA was shaking their head at that horrible work.

Rosa says:

Muhh name is in yohhh maahhhhfffff

thelma maduka says:

love you Lauren. You crack me up big time

igbo 17 says:

I find it unfair that people are constantly bringing up someone's past to justify why they are not the right fit for Rachel. Peter definitely was holding a lot back this episode and he is the last to tell Rachel how he feels. However why do we keep bringing up something he said over 10 years as a way to justify that he is purposely sabotaging himself and not just being a "late bloomer". Also we don't give the same treatment to Bryan. When literally Rachel's family may think he could be disingenuous and yet no one wants to talk about how he was on a reality show called the Player. Either everyone past plays a role or they don't but continuing to bring up stuff that happen when someone was a teenager (BTW Bryan was 27 when he went on The Player) is not right.

McKenzie Fletcher says:

If Peter becomes the bachelor Im gonna need a speedy divorce…

Toye Brown says:

I so love Lauren's recaps. Anyhow, I agree Eric should have been sent home instead of Dean. He and Rachel had a much better connection. Watching Eric and Rachel is like watching besties that kiss on the lips. I like Eric but only see them hanging out at a basketball game or a concert and not romantically. It is so awkward to watch them kiss. Clearly, it shows she is not feeling that type of love for him. In my opinion, Eric is left standing so that next week when he is sent home, it won't be so painful to viewers.

Ant rip says:

I watch you more than the show 😂😂

Ayanna Jones says:

Wow! Rachel is taking a huge gamble. She's holding out for peter! Hoping he gets there.

Your recap was on point as always! Cheers 😘

Chantra Johnson says:


Magali Salomon says:

why Peter could propose someone else on the bachelor whereas he couldnt on the bachelorette that doesnt make any sens .He s not ready yet.I think he s going to tell her his true feelings.He loves Rachel and Rachel is so in love with him that s why she gave him a rose.Peter can t be the Bachelor .I m still Team pachel .

Joan Rain says:

Peter don't like competition, and give up in the middle of the game. He feels entitled, based on his looks. He saw that Rachel liked Bryan, and rather than trying to win Rachel, he treated Rachel like she isn't worthy. The Producers wants him for the Bachelor, so Rachel has to pretend , and allow him to go as far as possible. His life dream will be coming soon, and LORD AND BEHOLD, he will have all his walls down, and heart is healed to make out with 30 white women. While they accused Bryan to be the player, Rachel was being played by Peter, and his fans are so blind in seeing the truth.

peaceloveGen says:

Lauren! Loved this Roses and Rose segment! But here are my thoughts:
 In Eric's defense, on his last date with Rachel he did say that he was falling for her with her on their date in Copenhagen. But I still don't think she'll pick him anyway. He definitely had the most seamless hometown date, and I definitely like Eric a lot more than I did earlier in the season, and I'm glad we got to learn more about his family background.

One thing I noticed that was interesting was that Rachel on Nick's season was a late bloomer. She told Nick that she was falling in love with Nick in the final 3. I think that's why she's giving Peter a bit more time to open up. Also, when Rachel told Nick she was falling in love with him, Nick had said he was falling in love with Rachel too.

 And then Nick broke up with her. So literally the exact same thing happened to Dean that happened to Rachel, (although its interesting because Rachel has not said that to any guy on her season and Nick on his season did not say those words to anyone else that early.)

 I think because Rachel is so family-oriented it would be hard for her to be with Dean because his relationship with his father isn't that great, and although she's not necessarily judging him for it, she probably wants to be close to her future husband's family. And even though it was harsh in some ways that she let him go now, she probably didn't want to keep him around for sympathy because of what happened on the hometown date. Also, considering her feelings are stronger for the other men, she must be falling in love with all three of them too.

Peter also said he wanted "to be on the Bachelor," not "be" the Bachelor. Maybe he meant to say be on the Bachelorette, because some people when talking about both Bachelor and Bachelorette use Bachelor as the generalized term to talk about the franchise. I mean he could've meant what he meant, but I am taking the wording literally.

Bryan is the obvious frontrunner here, but like Rachel has said before, I still think he is too good to be true, and the things he says seemed to come out of his mouth perfectly. He always knows what to say. I think one of the main reasons Bryan is single though is because of how close his relationship is with his mom, and I think his mom will always be #1 in his book, and the same for Olga because she said that her son is the love of her life.

charlierose214 says:

Rachel says Miami is sexy.. I think "o hell to the no, girlfriend, my hair in Miami would scare the suitor away" #humidityproblems!

Jennifer Mejia says:

This always happens! The whole time I wanted peter to win, but this episode I changed my mind. I wanted him to leave. He didn't seem so confident in the relationship compared to the others. I felt really bad for Dean!

Amanda Hernandez says:

I WILL NOT WATCH PETER AS THE BACHELOR!!! Just sayin. And if he thinks 8 weeks isn't long enough to fall in love with a female, he shouldn't be the bachelor.

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