The 10 Scariest Moments In Sports

The 10 Scariest Moments In Sports

10 worst moments in sports history

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What do you think is the scariest sports moment ever?

Any other Sports lists you want us to do? Let us know in the comment section and we will credit you in the video if your idea is picked.

Sports are supposed to be about fun and entertainment. Nothing more.

Of course, many of us fans view sports as life. We often think of it as the most important thing. But again…that whole “fun and games” thing.

But sadly, some moments in sports have been so horrific that we come to realize how fragile human life is. I’m DeQwan Young, and today we present the 10 scariest moments in sports. And a big shoutout to Rocksource for suggesting this video.

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TPS says:

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LowLife 540 says:

I know it's WWE, but Jerry Lawler's heart attack while on commentary.

Commander Gamer says:

Eric Lingard paralyzed what the scariest thing I saw.

alanashish says:

topb10 cast players

TheDubiousBaker420 says:

malarchuk should've been number 1

Sean Whelan says:

I am a Liverpool fan and am horrified to this day by the hills borough disaster but the reds match on ❤️❤️

William6868 says:

Why am I watching this…

Nick Lebrasseur says:

O my basketball players fighting it's not like hockey player ever do that

Daniel Gravino says:

Malarchuk should be #2 imo

The Wasteland Brony says:

Finally something NASCAR related in one of your videos and it had to be the most tragic event in the sports history….

Elite Killer says:

Jeez broken leg be careful nba players like bruh

Jack Steiner says:

What happened on number one

JustSomeGuyWhoDoesThings 888 says:

What about that hostage crisis during the olympics

Zander Mayer says:

Austin Dillon's Daytona 500 crash

IceCRAZY 10 says:

The goalie getting cut in the neck had to be the ugliest thing for people to see.

Tylér Zerø says:

Clint Malarchuck.

Daniel Donohue says:

i still dont get what caused to kill and injure poeple in the hillbrough disaster please someone reply and tell

Braden Heinz says:

In a racing accident a car lost a part of it and the thing decapitated many people

Giuzep G says:

I dont get what happened in the last one.

Joanne Bazzi says:

Top 10 stupidest plays in sports history

Matthew Celotto says:

I new to this channel so I don't know if you already did this but, top 10 biggest fights in hockey history.

Lazer Gaming says:

this was on my bday

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