The 10 Most Emotional Championship Victories in Sports History

The 10 Most Emotional Championship Victories in Sports History

10 emotional championship victories

Which championship moment was your favorite?

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Championships stay with us forever, but sometimes a little extra dose of emotion make them even more special.

Whether is be a long drought, the ending of a career, or the loss of a loved one, sometimes championships are won in circumstances not even the best writers could ever predict. These are those moments. Anyone who says sports are emotionless needs to watch this video!

These are the 10 Most Emotional Championship Victories in Sports History. Peyton Manning, New York Rangers, LeBron James, John Elway, Red Sox 2004, Saints Super Bowl, Tiger Woods, Earl Woods, Raymond Bourque, Cubs 2016, Michael Jordan 1996.

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Dominic Carbonneau says:

10 NFL wide receivers that will flat out burn people a lot plz ?????????????????????????????????????

Brandon Kawadler says:

What about the patriots super bowl 51 championship
Brady won it after deflategate and down by 25 points plus he won it for his mom who has cancer

Austin Alexander says:

Do the top ten worst diffenses plays ever inysport

Logan Zipper says:

10 best draft steals (sport doesn't matter)

TylerAGaming TylerAGaming says:

pls do the worst games in NFL history

Rangers # 30 The king says:

#9 is my favorite

BlazikenLink99 says:

No 2012 Ravens?

Kyle Andrew says:

Top ten plays of the last ten years

Kyle Andrew says:

Top ten sports injuries

Justin Penardo says:

Tom Brady and the pats super Bowl 51 win

Top Tens Of Sports says:

leafs for the cup 2017

Keegan Culp says:

Top Ten Championships that shocked everyone!

Zander Davis says:

Cristiano Ronald Portugal

ShinyPikachu11 says:

What about super bowl 51 the historic comeback win in overtime

LuvAeger says:

Top 10 Worst gms of all time.

Yesh Immanuel says:

top 10 finals/playoffss chokers

Matt Gaming says:

Top 10 sports parades

Elvyn Mariano says:

10 reason why the new york knicks is the most dysfunctional franchise in sports.

Colten Smith says:

Greatest nfl games

Danger Orange says:

Top 10 star athletes who's careers started slow

TheGammerkidd says:

No mention of Dallas Mavericks 2011 championship. Aight disrespect my city like that smh. #DirkTheGoat

thejaketrain88 says:

what about the pens after they won the cup a year after bob johnson died

Eddylunchmeat says:

twitters for pussies. sorry

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