Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs: Through the Years

Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs: Through the Years

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The 27-year-old singer has had her share of big wins and ‘Bad Blood’ at the Video Music Awards over the years.



Misty Anderson says:

That first song is not good it all.

Sofia Vidgen says:

Poor Sel she had to stand up four times..

Sofia Vidgen says:

So…so..so…many moon mans…

Ayesha Shafaat says:

Why did Taylor applause kanye when they like fighting or something ?

Ayesha Shafaat says:

My fingers are tired from typing Taylor like a million times today ! 😂

Phoenix Newhark says:

I got a Katy Perry ad infront of this

lou pepito says:

She's not present in the 2017 MTV awards right?

Mariana Venancio says:

I knew you were trouble is not about Harry Styles

Nanditha Narendran says:

Girl power hit ? Bad blood ? Am i hearing this right ?

Lan Poh says:

'I don't know him' ayyyyyy Mariah's such a good inspiration

Leticia Reis says:

Taylor didn' diss Harry, "i knew you were trouble" was made before she start dating him

Carmen Chow says:

Love u , Taylor😍

筝染 says:


Arche Legaspi says:

She's a SLUT

Rosa Miller says:

"Well I guess I have to say to all the winners tonight 'I'm REALLY happy for you and 'I'mma let you finish but KANYE WEST HAS HAD ONE OF THE GREATEST CAREERS OF ALL TIME.'" Oh my god…I died.

Luis Alejandro says:

who's kany west? and what beyone's video is good?

Ria mikasa says:

Taylor Swift is the best singer of all time!!!!! Love u tay

Jm_Matth07 says:

Love Taylor <3

Maggie Zou says:


Cons Lozano says:

Who just watched her music video???

natalee carr says:

0:42 is that Tyler Oakley????

Amir Asadi says:

oh my god i love her so much T-T

Ilaf Abbas says:

Yay tay tay! lel

Brandy Bogart says:

I can't watch the mtv music awards I'm soooooo mad

Fart Box says:

The next Madonna. Mark my words

Best Challenges says:


rosemary monica robles says:


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