Tasting DURIAN the STINKIEST FRUIT ever in KUALA LUMPUR | Food and Travel Channel | Malaysia

Tasting DURIAN the STINKIEST FRUIT ever in KUALA LUMPUR | Food and Travel Channel | Malaysia

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It’s time to eat arguably the stinkiest fruit in the world, the king of fruits DURIAN! We visit Durian SS2 in Petaling Jaya and select an XO durian to try.

We are with fellow YouTubers Always a Friday (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWmBYPbsGaGDOo3UExFOCew) who have never tried durian before.

If you’ve never tried durian, people describe the smell as putrid, like farts, or vomit or sewerage. The worst smells in the world. We think it smells fragrant and the taste to us is AMAZING. The texture of the fruit is akin to a custard or whipped cream. It’s a MUST EAT when you’re in Malaysia whose durians are exported all around the world.

We sampled the XO durian which was RM55/$12.80USD per kilo. The cheapest durian available was the Asli at RM18/$4USD per kilo and the most expensive was the Musang King at RM85/$20USD per kilo.

Durian is known for being a ‘heaty’ food. The Chinese believe certain foods have warming properties and it’s important after you’ve consumed these foods to balance the body by eating foods with cooling properties such as coconut water. The fresh coconuts at Durian SS2 were RM5/$1.20USD.

Durian SS2
193, Jalan SS 2/24, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Open 7 days 12:00pm to midnight

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Chasing a Plate - Food and Travel Channel says:

Hi guys, we are both MASSIVE durian fans so it was super exciting for us to introduce the King of Fruits to our friends Always a Friday (check out their channel here: https://goo.gl/rh14uC). We can't wait to eat more durian whilst we're here in Malaysia- durian cendol, durian buffets and the big kahuna- the Musang King! Let us know if you're a durian lover or a durian hater- we'd love to know!! Thanks so much for watching and if you're enjoying our food and travel videos please subscribe: https://goo.gl/9rfeRS. Thanks guys! Cheers, Thomas & Sheena

Plejade says:

^ love love love this video, oh wow 😀 the big sign in the background is awesome, showing the different types of Durian so I think it's easy to spot the prefered, is there a special one you like most? I really learned much in the last past days about this fruit because your community was helping me so much, and you too. Fun to watch how different the reactions are when it comes to the first try, and it always puts a smile on me while watching you both having something tasty and you enjoy it^^ Have a wonderful time, always such a joy to watch and read the comments afterwards ^^/

Jackie Milledge says:

I've really been enjoying your videos! Love seeing all the local street food in Malaysia! If you haven't tried, consider the Bak Kut Teh (ribs cooked in tea) and Yong Tau Foo (stuffed tofu). I haven't lived in Malaysia for years, so I couldn't tell you where to go for the best. Keep up your travels and vlogs, you're both a joy to watch!

marumaru morimori says:

mate I'm in Auckland and I'm dying for just a piece of that! Durians are like $25/kg here and they're frozen. Damn I miss Malaysia (read: the food) lol. Awesome video btw!

joe jambul says:

Sheena and Thomas should stay here for good. They carry Malaysians' tastebuds..

eddiguardo09 says:

there are another durian, call durian ice.cream.. no its not an ice cream, but the name is durian ice cream, better than musang king, and more expensive.. rm1++ per kgs.. so fluffy.. I heard it from penang..

Yi Jun says:

if i not wrong its not the durian season. i think the price you get is quite reasonable for non seasonal price.

Mohd Hafiz Hong says:

great video like always… so you guys really like durian.. for me even i'm malaysian myself, i can't stand the smell of durian..the smell give me headache..

twangsa 79 says:

wow….you had to pay almost RM100 for that?? come over to the state of Kedah. A kilo of durian is only RM10.

Steve Southam says:

'Can't say I went overboard for Durian, when we were with you in KL, but really want to give it another try in the not too distant future.

Nusa Budiman says:

My suggestion to you guys is that to study a little bit more about the type of durian that you guys wanna try in order to differentiate between one type and the other because there're cases of some unethical durian sellers who sell fake/clone breeds at a very expensive price. Without having a little bit of prior knowledge you might get cheated by these unscrupulous sellers selling a regular or lesser quality durian disguise as Musang King, Black Thorn, Udang Merah, Tekka, Xo, Tembaga, Kunyit and other high end durians. Just be careful guys. Cheers!

whoisaffiq says:

Please don't try eat Durian and have coke at the same time. It might cause death. Not sure if it's a myth or not. but please just avoid it 🙂

Ziehafizi Fiziow says:

try taste curry noodle…you must like the taste..

Aman Sazzwan says:

Hi guys. Welcome to Malaysia. Just a suggestion. Why not you guys take a cooking class where you can buy and learn about herbs, spices in the market, cook like a local and learn how to eat like a local. It will be a great experience for you guys.

Young Tang says:

Wearing gloves to eat durian? No wonder the ocean is full of plastic garbage.

Traveller - Flight Reviews & Travel Videos says:

Good looking Durian and another fantastic video! Nice to see you hooking up with other YouTubers… it´s fun isn´t it hehe! We wish you both a good week ahead, Best Regards from Maxi and Maro 😀

Ary Afzan says:

Sheena is such a great sport! She's willing and very unshy to try the local ways of enjoying the local treats. And Shane my man. you're definitely the King!!!!

fascinating niceview says:

i love durians but i hate the price…😁

Bukhari Shamsudin says:

Hey guys, durian video!!!!!, as always great vids! You should try make a video on comparison of type of durian, i rarely eat musang king(because of the price), i think even durian lovers will notice the reason why people doesnt like durian if they differentiate durian based on its type. I notice people said durian smell bad, but do you know petai? Petai is also one of smelly food. Try restaurant ana ikan bakar petai in kuala lumpur, maybe you also will loves PETAI.

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